Thursday, March 08, 2007

She's a little OCD.

For some reason - there is something with the Velveteen Lop breed that causes them to have special sensitivity to balding. We noticed it with our girl Paisley when she started having sore hock like issues on her back feet. She has a real inability to keep the hair there. Here is the kicker - sore hawks are usually due to them living on wire.

This girl has never stepped on a piece of wire in her life. We eventually resorted to putting down plush 30 dollar towels for the bottom of her cage. Yeah - I know.. it sounds insane. Luckily she doesn't chew things like our other bunnies, or that would be really unacceptable. Sore hawks persisted.

A while back - we noticed that she was starting to loose the hair on her chin. Crap we thought - this is really a new one. We spent a while trying to figure out what we might do, because she is obviously going to lick anything we put on her right off. We thought about vitamin E or something topical like Neosporin, but we didn't like having her ingest a very large amount of this stuff. Even the vet gave us a shrug.

We noticed that when we would pet her at night that she would lick a giant wet circle in the comforter (ewww). It finally clicked that she probably had the equivalent of chapped lips.

Since she was such a licker, she was causing her chin to become chapped. So - she would lick it more, and it was obviously causing the hair to disappear. We tried chap-stick for a while. She hates berry chap-stick. But it wasn't really doing anything. Finally we settled on good old vaseline. Thankfully she now is starting to grow her hair back. We thought she would just be bald. Go figure!


  1. Try this next time
    We used to use it on our kid when she would get colds. She had a habit of licking her upper lip ALOT. It would get red and chapped, we put it on at bedtime, and it would be better in the morning.
    I'm imagining snuggling with a bunny in bed. Must be nice. I have the 80lb monstrosity with poo breath.

  2. OMG! Look at you! As soon as I saw your reply I tried to order some from Amazon, but they don't carry it - and wants to charge more than what the item costs. Can you get this stuff at most drug stores?

    P.S. I can tell you have bunny fever.

  3. I DO have bunny fever. I love the little buns! But no. No more pets, at least for awhile. A long while.
    Anyhoo, I bought my stick o'wonder from Burlington Coat Factory. I'm sure that you can find it in any store/drugstore that has baby stuff. It's huge too. Ours is hardly used, and it's over 4 years old. Hmm...I think I should throw it out.