Friday, March 16, 2007

This is how I'm ruining the Earth.

The very first entry on this blog was about my Friendly Robotics robomower. Here. After 3 years our battery finally gave out. Pretty impressive actually.

Even though I was initially unhappy with Friendly Robotics - after 3 years it is one of the few products that has worked reliably. And - it actually has given us many entertainment hours.

Since we have had this mower quite a long time now, the novelty has worn off for us, and it has just turned into a trusty appliance. But - it draws so much attention still after all these years. I find myself being a little uncomfortable at how many people stop in front of the house to watch it. People are fascinated by it.. so I often find myself amused at people's reactions. I will go out to check it if has finished, and someone will be stopped in the street watching it for minutes.

At any rate - this is the packaging the battery took to get it to me safely. A bit much.


  1. I would be one of those people standing there watching.
    And I find that packaging quite funny. It's kind of like when my mom sends me stuff, and fills the box to capacity. Fills it with snacks. I guess I can't complain about snacks as packing material.
    Ok, now I'm rambling.

  2. OH! Now if Amazon would use snacks as packing material - that would be fantastic! I'm thinking it would almost be cheaper than all the packing stuff they use now.

    Pissed that your stuff got smooshed. Have a cookie. I think it may solve a lot of problems.

  3. Well, the box is filled with snacks. And then the note she usually includes asks me how the gym is going. HUH?! WHAT?!
    I guess it's safe to assume that the snacks are for the kid and not for me. But what 4 year old needs 5 bags of Arare?

  4. Yea, they just changed the packaging for the battery's this shipment, it now has only the inner box with the foam. I always thought it was a bit much just to protect a 25 pound case. The hardest thing about these mowers in installing them and then after that you sort of forget until someone wants to talk about it. You can check out some great reviews of the Robomower and Lawnbott at