Thursday, March 15, 2007

All hope is lost.

The winter of naps is officially never going to happen.

People are now starting to talk about La Nina. Even though NOAA isn't officially saying this is a La Nina year. So I'm not quite an eccentric nut - though to my untrained eye even I could see the weather pattern fit a La Nina year - but I can't quite gloat yet. Here.

At any rate...this month I decided I might as well get over it and start on projects. I'm still bummed I didn't get to spend the winter laying around doing nothing. I already have many projects lined up. I can only pray that the fall brings rain so I will have some down-time. But it should be fun for you Dear Readers because I'm sure there will be plenty of wigging out.

Before I can start a new projects - by a Mr Snarkolepsy mandate - I must actually tie up the loose ends of previous projects. I'm not so great about that. I love tearing into stuff - but then because I'm so ADD I loose interest. Not this year though! So this week we were revisiting the data closet. In this picture it looked done, but there was still some painting and putting on baseboards.

Then, because you can never move anything - we had a computer hardware failure. That left us a lot of debugging - and we are stalled until Mr. Snarkolepsy fixes his hardware problem. But this is where we are at right now.

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