Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I was having a failure to bond.

The new girl has been in the house for a little more than a week now. She has yet to get a name. Naming convention around the snarkolepsy household is pretty contentious. Mr S. wants to name them after food or old people names. I want to name them after strippers. Our last girl Jasmine took two months to name. You see who won there with the name... right?

I'd been in a fairly consistent funk because the first few years with a rabbit...... it's not the greatest. If they weren't cute and all I might not do it. They are like puppies for like 4 years. They chew everything. They can sometimes be a challenge to potty train. And it can take them a while to start spitting out the kisses. It just sucks having to start over because we'd just gotten our last girl to 5. Which means she was past the terrible twos, threes, and fours. They are nothing but love at that point. But it's a little rough to get there. In the beginning they don't even care if you exist.

When the new girl arrived she didn't act anything like a baby. She was acting a lot more like a veal rabbit. And I was pretty bummed about it because our last girl was a little like a tank in size and personality. The new girl had absolutely no personality.  Which was a new experience. Every time we gave her a chance to run around she wouldn't. She was really low energy. Remember I didn't chose her, I was bequeathed her. This time I went to a particular breeder for the best chance of a healthy rabbit and she gave me one with no choice to see it's personality. For three days she was like that and I was freaked and bummed. We actually brought her home a week earlier than they usually let to go. She was 7 weeks not 8. So we thought maybe that was the reason why.

Velveteens are known for being a really chill breed, but she was being ridiculous. Now after about a week we have been able to stuff some personality into her. You never know how much is them, or you rubbing off on them. In her case - it's all us baby. But she is about as opposite of our last girl as you can get. She is more like our first Velveteen Paisley. She was delicate, but this new girl takes delicate to a whole new level. (I'd link pictures, but That part of my blog is still broken. Maybe I will get to that tomorrow)

Next week after the 100 degree heat clears I'm going to get blood from her. All new bunnies get blood draws now because they can harbor landmine viruses that explode later in life. You don't even know until they get sick. So right now I'm calling her Turnip. But that name of course is not going to stick. You never see a stripper names Turnip.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Up until Bernie said the following, I felt kinda bad for the Bernie Bros. I was in that Bernie crowd in San Jose. I thought they were really nice people. I mean - really nice people. Then Bernie said this and I was like - nope. You people pound sand.

"A government based on the principles of economic, social, racial, and environmental justice - that struggle continues."
There is just something freeing about going to someone elses' house and seeing their family have a knock down brawl. Makes your own family look way less fucked up.

Seriously - you have to admit the Democratic convention is the best show on earth right now. The whole election really. It's just really funny for like the first time....... ever. I'm sure I'm going to be really pissed off later. But for now it makes me laugh.

Maybe the long con pays off this time.

Today I'm feeling pretty happy I voted for Bernie Sanders even though I hate everything he stands for.

When I threw my vote away for him it was because I wanted to piss off the Bernie dudes enough to come over to the Trump side. After all - the more votes he got, the more I felt they would feel disenfranchised. At the time I thought it was a slim chance this would pay off, but now.........I secretly giggle inside.

I didn't think it would pay off at all! But Trump had already won the nomination by the time California got to vote. So I took a chance. You can see I posted about it right after I voted.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Look at me spreading rumors.

The world has been pretty boring lately. So no posts. Thankfully today something interesting popped up.

This morning Mr S. were driving to the city next to us for lunch, and we saw this helicopter over these huge buildings on the edge of town. The rumor in town is that some of these buildings are Tesla warehouses. We thought they were going to be parts distribution centers.

On the way out of town they had some of the road closed off and I couldn't get shots. So when the heli was still there on the way back into town - Mr S. was able to tuck away in a place to park so I could hop out and take pictures. Since the place was still cordoned off I decided to talk to some of the construction dudes who were making sure people didn't get too close. They said they had been out there since 6 in the morning, and by the time I was there is must have been around 1:00. That is a lot of helicopter time.

Anyway, I asked them if it was the Tesla building they were lifting duct work onto. They seemed surprised. They said they heard is was a new bus manufacturing plant. Which doesn't rule out Tesla. I told them, oh - it could still be Tesla then because they just announced they were making a bus. They were like - Tesla...... the car company?

I honestly didn't pay that much attention to the presser. But everyone in town thinks Tesla is moving into some of these buildings. And if those guys think it's going to be a bus manufacturing plant, I'm sticking those two things together.

The bigger news is my town is all of a sudden going to do manufacturing apparently! That is crazy! Our town is just a burb. It's the kind of town that didn't even want a super Walmart. Which oddly is the exact spot these warehouses reside. Walmart spent a ton of money improving that spot. It used to just be a field and Walmart put in streets, and lights and infrastructure, and the townies said pound sand. Now manufacturing is a-okay? The world is really changing which makes me happy. My city is the king of not in my backyard. The Walmart footprint was much smaller than these warehouses. Especially if it is manufacturing.

If what the construction dudes said was true. I'd give it a 90% chance. I don't know if Elon is going to make it, but he is going to die trying.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Boy - that Trump speech last night really got under Obamas skin.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Circling the drain.

I've hated every moment of the Wearables trend. I try to go to as few conferences as possible because I think it's mostly bullshit. Which is why you get photos of a cockroach today. It is a Texas sized cockroach after all. We don't normally get them this big. But apparently San Jose does! I don't even want to park my car in the parking garage now.

Also, this is not my badge so don't go thinking you've figured out my name.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

She's a bandaid.

So I didn't make it all the way to Palmdale. My breeder decided to meet me in Lancaster. Which I was pretty excited about because I was having a hard time trying to figure Palmdale out. Every single time I searched for a burger joint I got pictures of burritos. And not even authentic Mexican. TExmex. What is that about? I don't understand a city that doesn't have at least one amazing burger place that does only burgers. I'd decided on a restaurant in Lancaster, but after I actually got my hands on the baby I completely forgot about getting food there. Which I honestly regret. I don't really like to pop in and out of towns without eating there and looking around. It's fun checking out new cities. And it was too hot to explore. Bunnies don't take near 100 degree heat well, and babies especially have a hard time. Chances are I might get back down that way in Octoberish though.

It turns out my new breeder didn't really want to get rid of this girl like we suspected. I think she relented to finally shut Mr S. up. The only reason she did was because this girl was too big.  Thankfully she was not defective in some way. She wanted her enough that she still wanted to breed her and would love to have her babies. So I guess eventually I might be doing that. Since she really didn't want to give her up it was a relief to her that we were long time bunny owners. Not newbies. We met on the net so she only knew we were slightly annoying. Good breeders care about where their animals end up. Especially ARBA breeders.

When they are these size they are pretty cute, but most people get tired of them through the terrible twos, and threes, and fours. So they wind up in pounds.  I think she was super happy to know that would never happen to this girl. She's already a kisser. ON DAY 1.

Trump has a surprising new demo.

When you drive inland to farmland country you always see all these signs along the freeway telling people to  reject the delta water tunnels. Or in the case of central California they just snarkily ask - is growing food wasting water? 

The farmers in California are not a happy bunch. Our state would rather save a tiny minnow over growing food for people. Then we suffered a four year drought, and the government told the farmers to pound sand. We'd rather let the water run to the sea than give you any to grow crops. They even suspended water right for a while. Which is irritating because it is not known if any of those ridiculous minnows survived the drought. 

So I found it interesting that all along highway 99 to L.A. a lot of farms had giant signs that said: build water storage now - ANOTHER FARMER FOR TRUMP.  Makes it sound like it could be a bunch of them banding together doesn't it? 

I didn't get any pictures because I was driving and I didn't want to pull off on the burm of the freeway. But I found it super interesting.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Well, I have been bequeathed a baby bunny. Note, I didn't get to pick a baby.  All I know is it better not suck.  It's the first time I've ever done that. This woman gave the real impression she didn't want to get rid of any of the babies she had. Which I guess is a good sign? Or some new strange breeder con. She is the sherpa of breeders though. She is the source where a lot of other breeders get their stock.

And it looks like I will be driving to Palmdale solo because Mr S. has some code monkey emergency this weekend. I've never driven to L.A. by myself before.

If I'd been given more notice I'd have tried to see if any of my SoCAl readers wanted to meetup. But she relented only last night, and I'm leaving in the morning.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

This is how desperate we have become.

I think the stagnation is pretty palpable right now because PokemanGo is all of a sudden the saviour of the economy. Apparently.

Take these headlines. It's sad really. In the old days a hit game would be awesome. But it would only be a hit game. Not all of this other crap. It says a lot about the economy really.

How 'Pokemon Go' could help you sell your house.

'Pokemon Go' has the power to transform retail, analyst says.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

At least the government will take care of you.

Said in the most sarcastic way.

I start to get nervous when some of the biggest insider traders in the world start losing money. In this case CALPERS. The California public retirement system. A couple of days ago they announced they lost 2% of the their portfolio value. Remember CALPERS makes all of it's assumptions on funding based on a 7.5% gain in their portfolio. That is almost a 10% miss. No one can estimate they will make 7.5% a year unless they have insider knowledge.

Frankly, I'm shocked it's only 2% because last year while oil was falling like a rock I started reading about the CALPERS portfolio losing 28% on their oil investments. And this article was from August. Oil didn't really bottom until about Christmas.

After the real estate crash it looks like they are almost the worst investors in the world. I shudder to think what will happen when the market eventually crashes. Markets don't go up forever. But hey - bright side - oil has already been caved, so their isn't much more damage that sector  can do to them.
There has been a lot of talk of "helicopter money" lately. If they won't give you  tax holiday - why would you expect them to give out helicopter money?

I'm dying to have their babies.

For the past 5 weeks I've been trying to replace my girl Jasmine. And the breeders about to drive me nuts. You'd think I was trying to adopt REAL babies with how hard it been.

I've been hedging my bets with two breeders. One in Southern California and one in Oregon. The one in Southern California is basically the highest on the food chain for Velveteens. And she works for a vet. So I have to suck it up because presumably those are the healthiest babies I can find on the planet. She also puts on the shows for ARBA. So she is really well respected.

It's like neither one of these two wants to give any of them up. I've never seen anything like it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

When my chiropractor wants me to explain how Pokeman Go works to him - I know it's the best week ever for augmented reality. Do you know how hard it is to explain something like Pokeman Go to non technology people? And then in one weekend - everyone just gets it. It's amazing.
Obama does what he does best - hijacks a funeral for his own agenda.

Monday, July 11, 2016

It just isn't summer until we've had a creek fire.

Brought to you by the homeless. They are always burning stuff up.

I almost always chase these down because my rental is about 5 blocks off the creek. I have to go see how close the fire is to it.

I have to admit - I'd given up hope that Augmented Reality would ever gain traction. I've been going to conferences for like six years!

Then over the weekend my twitter feel was crammed with Pokeman Go stuff. And inside I smiled. I could tell how popular it was just by how many tweets I was seeing.

You just really do never know what is going to make a product catch on. There have been a bunch of Augmented Games already. It's just nice to see something take hold in that sector. I always thought it was going to be virtual dressing rooms.