Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fremont is killing it right now.

I'm still not sure what our wildflower situation is. The hills are drying out fast, but we've been getting small amounts of rain from time to time. So this area is getting a second wind of mustard flowers.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The March for Science was about as lame as you thought it would be. END.

This was hands down was the best, most topical costume there. Considering some guy found a 20 year old pack of sauce in an old car and just sold it on eBay for almost 15 grand!

I ran across this couple trying to chase down a dinosaur riding a Onewheel electric skateboard. Which sounds like a joke. But I never caught him.

The March for Science was about as lame as you thought it would be. Part 2.

I went to take a picture of this because I was sure it was Answer International. Everything about the sign says it was them. Colors, format, everything. To my shock is from from the Facebook Peace and Freedom group. Which is basically code for commie. I just can't believe people give them all their information.

The other interesting thing was..... the Atheists were there! I've never ever seen that before. I've been to a million marches in the Valley. Even though I'm an atheist, I don't feel I really fit into the group.

It makes me happy to some degree that you guys have holidays. I just don't believe in them, but who am I to take away your joy? Also, I'm not into converting people. I'm pretty sure I became an atheist when I was seven years old and my grandfather had a heart attack and died at the kitchen table. I don't need to convince people, and I don't need people to convince me. It's just the way things are. Have all the holidays you want.

See, this is how you know the commies are behind this. But I think they feel if you just turn the fist slightly sideways, or put a lightening bolt in it - we won't notice.

Burning man shirt!

Not a bad Johnny Depp right?

When Deadpool meets Deadpool.

It was kinda cute tinkerbell was helping out the butterfly woman.

They kept multiplying!

The March for Science was about as lame as you thought it would be.

Since people didn't accept overt socialism, the commies have gone back underground, and this time have wrapped themselves in "Science". It tries to make them seem legitimate again instead of the vague "we need to have a dialog" crap. Or socialism didn't work because we didn't do it right. As long as they stay vague, people aren't really sure what is happening to them. I'm pretty sure most of the people were from nurses/teachers unions. Luckily Comicon was also in the same place, otherwise it would have been as boring AF. There were basically NO interesting signs. If they want to get attention - be funnier! So this is going to be a mixed post.

Anyway, this is my photostream.

Spidey said he was on vacation and had taken a day off for this. He has this sign on his hat.

Lots of pussy hats. And the raging grannies were in attendance too. ALL of the usual suspects.

It was super creepy Facebook had a pop-up room. You'll see later. But to be honest, I think it was filled with people trying the oculus.

Friday, April 21, 2017

That is some Dragnet level pot propaganda there.

What happens if you smoke marijuana every day?

"After days of use, the pot becomes stored in the body's fatty tissue and THC is gradually released into the bloodstream, meaning a person can experience the effect of the drug around the clock."

Oh! If only! That would save my pot budget by a lot.

"Daily use, he said, promotes a chronic loss of attention, focus and concentration. Daily users perform at a lower level at jobs and at school. Focus and motivation also decrease, he said."

I can't believe they still believe this shit. It's almost as bad as the "the pot these days is stronger than it's ever been!" Usually told by people who haven't smoked pot in YEARS. Since they haven't smoked in forever, but still toke on like they never stopped - things get a little much for them. Then the hysteria begins in the media. This pot will make you hallucinate I tell ya! Believe me - nothing would make me happier if I could find pot that would make me hallucinate.

I don't normally talk about it much because as you can see from the second paragraph, people who smoke pot are mentally deficient. Said in the most sarcastic way. But I've been smoking since I was a teenager. One of my favorite shows back then was Dragnet, because we used to "get high and far out", and laugh at all the pot references. And it's unbelievable that people still hold these opinions when people have been smoking this for decades. Even really successful people. Yet the pot knowledge still seems to be stuck in the Dragnet TV series era.

Give the people what they want. Bunnies.

I would give you more of these but Lacy is not quite a year old now, and she's a stealth pee'er. Usually they lift their little tail, but not her. I hope this is a phase because she's young, and not a forever thing. Because it really does limit her run around time.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

This was a career limiting move.

The Juicero’s CEO responds to this weeks criticism of his 400 dollar juicer saying "we don't sell Juice" we sell cut up pieces of fruits and vegetables that you have to put into our juicer.

Also, we can disable your fruit packs any time we want remotely in case of a food recall (we aren't HP and force you to buy our expensive ink packs. Sorry that last part is me). And since this shit is so fresh we nag you via an app so your packs don't expire. Fun time had by all!

As you can imagine - the internet erupts all over again. You have to see the comments.

Do I have to check everything?

Rockridge dump receives 19 offers, sells for quarter-million over asking.

SFgate had a hyperventilating article about this tear down getting a quarter million dollar over asking in Oakland. Self I thought - that is alarming. Oakland real estate is getting crazier than I thought.

Then I started looking at the listing and found the last time it sold was in the 70's. Which led me to looking at the place through Google street view, and it's the tiniest place. Less than 1000 square feet. The thing that really got me looking at the street view was the listing had a fairly large lot. Compared to it's neighbors, you could tear this thing down and put in a 3-4 bedroom house and it would completely fit into the neighborhood.

Then I did some comps on their neighbors houses, and even with 250,000 over asking, they are still getting a DEAL.

All while sitting on my ass on the couch. That is not even a story. Seriously.

Velodyne is back in the game.

Velodyne Announces a Solid-State Lidar.

"Velodyne today announced a solid-state automotive lidar ranging system that the company will demonstrate in a few months, release in test kits later this year, and mass produce at its new megafactory in San Jose, Calif., in 2018. The estimated price per unit is in the hundreds of dollars."

The Valley is fascinating to watch. Over the past year you could see a few companies coming into the market with super cheap lidar, and you wonder how the more expensive players would react. Now we know. And we all are going to be able to afford to play with lidar! Hey, maybe they will get it cheap enough that robotic vacuums will have lidar. Who knows what kind of market this opens up.

The other fascinating thing about Velodyne is that they started as a subwoofer technology company in the 80's. Here. Talk about reinventing yourself.


Source. NOTE - I took this post down to check my data, because clearly the date on the above image is like 10 months old. And I hate it when people give you old data.

Turns out - it's even worse than that. Latest available numbers from April 18 2017 for California is $2,818,578,004.47" Here. Ohio is paid off now.
Jerry Brown was bragging about what an awesome chrony capitalist he is. Here.

"Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday dismissed as “preposterous” suggestions that he broke the law by providing district-specific projects to lawmakers to win their support for his $52 billion road repair package with tax and fee increases.

“When somebody says, ‘Here is $10,000, I want your vote,’ you got bribery. It’s illegal,” Brown told reporters in Sacramento. “When someone says, ‘You know, I think this bill would be better if you included these projects or these ideas or these rules,’ we listen, because that’s democracy and that’s openness and that is a compromise spirit that makes democracies work.”

It's pretty much an open secret that he's trying to plug the BART budget by raising those taxes. So I decided to go over and see how much we still owed on the unemployment trust fund. Because I'm a curious person. And I'm not a math genius or anything, but is that almost 3 billion dollars?!? Which is fascinating because in 2015 we only owed about 11 million. Here.

Throughout the whole recession we only owed under 10 million a year. I don't know what happened last year, but wow - that is an insane jump. In 2014 we only owed about 6 million.

I guess some financial writer finally made their way to a mall.

Vacant department stores make way for beer houses, high-end sushi joints.

It seems like just two months ago every article was a freakout about the mallpocolypse. I was like - People settle down, this is going to be totally fine.

In the article I wrote about it, Let them die already! - I literally said "Some of these malls today - the new anchor store is actually a restaurant." And what do you know? This morning all the articles I read are, high end restaurants are the new anchor store. Malls even get to charge more with new tenants.

You mean, we aren't all going to die because Sears and JC penny are?

I hate malls with a passion, but this trend has really been going on for a while. The ONLY thing keeping Valco Fashion mall in business was a hugely busy DIM SUM restaurant. Otherwise it was a dead mall times 100. But it wasn't that uncommon to have to wait a good half hour to get in. It's the major mall in Cupertino where Apple lives. Funnily enough I was a mall rat when I was a kid at the same mall.

They are re-developing it now into mixed space retail housing. But the DIM SUM place was replaced with an even more popular dumpling restaurant. A world famous one apparently with hours long waits. Seriously. People were selling their reservations for a while.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I see I'm not the only person frustrated with Silicon Valley.

Juicero Built A $400 Gadget That No One Needs. That's Great News For The Company.

All the tech blogs are on fire over this story today. But it just goes to show how slow the Valley is that this company is getting any funding at all.  Seriously - it's super sad right now. Some days I kinda think that if someone did have a good idea, all the VC's would rape you with funding they are so desperate.

"Technology Twitter is very excited today by the news that Juicero -- a $400 juice-making device built by a company that has raised $120 million, has a problem. Apparently you can squeeze the juice from the company's juice packs, which run $5-8 each, with your bare hands! "

Wait. What?

Millennial women are 'worried,' 'ashamed' of out-earning boyfriends and husbands.

I though women were outraged they didn't earn as much as men. Said in the most sarcastic way. So you'd think they would be over the moon earning even more than men.

When I read stories like this I feel like the world still works the way I think it does. You can social engineer things to death, but it's going to take long time to wipe out that evolutionary pressure. In the end, things basically work the way they always have.

"It's no longer rare for women in relationships to out-earn their husbands or boyfriends — in 2015, for example, 38 percent of American wives made more money than their husbands — but many women remain ambivalent about being breadwinners, reports Ashley C. Ford for Refinery29.

Ford, who is herself unbothered about making 70 percent more than her own male partner, tries to understand why so many of the millennials she speaks to report feeling concerned, or even ashamed, about the repercussions of their success.

The feedback they receive from the culture is clear: Men should be earning more so that they can provide for their families, and if they don't, it's symptomatic of a problem. These messages produce an "almost unavoidable emotional and psychological consequence," Ford writes. Women feel guilty. Men feel emasculated."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Okay - I'm officially freaked out about cars.

When I start getting cold calls from salesmen at dealers I've never purchased from before - it's enough to raise an eyebrow. They usually only send you stuff in the mail. I've never even owned a Nissan. So it's weird they are cold calling me. A LOT. They are super vague, so I'm guessing they are beating the streets for buyers.

The other night Mr S. and I were talking about the economy, because a lot of data is starting to look super soft.

He says - you don't think the same thing that happened with houses could happen with cars do you?

I'm like - Hell yeah I do. I never expected anyone to walk away from houses the way they did. Even people who could afford them. So they will walk away from cars in a heartbeat. And most everything sold in the past five years is probably an under water car because the leases are so long.

Him - I wonder what the tipping point will be. At some point they will be able to buy a used car for less than they could pay off their loans.

We will just force you to go paperless.

I guess now financial institutions are tired of your dumb ass not being green. If you dare want a paper statement they will charge you two bucks! I mean, no one wants a hard copy of your brokerage statements. Right? As if tax time isn't mind bending enough.

Look I'm not in love with paper. BUT THE IRS IS.

Monday, April 17, 2017

You should thank your robot overlords for creating so many jobs.

If this doesn't convince you that the rise of robots are good not bad - nothing ever will. Sure automation is scary, but self driving cars are where computers were in the 1980's/90's. This train is leaving the station, and I think at this point there is nothing that is going to stop it. There are too many benefits to people. Not as much to insurance companies though.

Say a self driving car takes one job. Or come up with the number you think it will take. Say it takes a handful. Yet look at how many jobs were created to get to this point. This rig has lidar, so many cameras that it's going to be hard to steal cars in the future, GPS sensors, and there is suppose to be new radar sensors being rolled out next year. At least 5 new companies had to be created to make this happen. And this is just for the outside. Wait until they start on the insides.

I mean, I love driving - but I'd also love to be able to get into my self driving sleep car at 2 in the morning and wake up in anther State the next day.

And just to point out how Silicon Valley see's your car right now - it's kinda wild to roll up to a car and see nothing but a video card in the trunk. Note - this trunk doesn't belong to the Lexus in the other shots. It could have one, but usually you don't get to see what is in there.