Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's times like these that I realize my twitter feed is fully overweight people I do not agree with. Sometimes I wake up and I'm like - who the elf are these people? How did they get into my feed? Then I think - oh right. Follow what your enemy is saying.

I mean I could be following terrorists. And one day I said - yeah - lets follow this crazy. I'm sure there are more than a handful of unapologetic socialists. Since I can't group my batshit crazies together it's always a bit of a mystery if I'm following them because I like them. Or I'm following them because I don't like them.
Boy, the Obama administration really wore me down to the nubs. I honestly can't believe this stupidity is ending tomorrow. It doesn't seem real to me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I don't remember all this hysteria about rich people being in office when Bloomberg was Mayor. I mean, the media is circulating a story about how 8 guys have as much money as half of the world - AND HE'S ONE OF THOSE GUYS! If you hate rich people so much, stop buying their stuff!

Also, I think they are wrong but I don't care enough to do the math. Because I like rich people. I mean I don't know if I want to hang out with them - but they buy crazy cars. And other fun stuff maybe I'd never see because I don't want to have to do the shit rich people have to do.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh yes I'm gonna....

"For the first time ever, there will be a black Lady Liberty on a coin."

I don't really care who is on money. It spends the same no matter who's face is on it. But I do find this a little odd because... black people don't really feel "liberated" by America. Do they?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Yak trimming day.

Bunnies don't really show their teeth that much unless they are scared or in pain. In this case Lacy is still technically a baby, and doesn't like having her toenails trimmed - so she's putting out mad lip. This doesn't hurt her at all, but she's the first girl to not like being on her back that much. She is just letting us know that she disapproves. Which we think is funny.

The end. Things will probably still be slow for about a week. But at least I'm trying to give you some content.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Google finally gets me.

My phone is always trying to get me to turn on the Google recommendations for things they think I might like to see. I usually say no because I think I'm unalgorithmable. I get bored very easily. I change my mind about stuff. And sometimes I find I'm into stuff I didn't even know I was into.

There are tons of reasons I won't watch a video. Too long, too old, not applicable, not interested in topic, intro too long. You get the idea. But last week I relented and turned on the magic setting.

Then it sent me the following video.

It was the first time I ever thought Google really got me.

We are soggy.

Construction is going to look a little soft whenever they report it. And people will probably freak out because they don't realize the whole winter here has been pretty wet. This isn't even normal winter. It's Seattle winter. I'm over it. But it amazing the hills are green again. It's like Ireland around here.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The clitoris car.

I'm posting this again as I didn't think it got the credit it deserved. I didn't post any of my car stuff here because I'd already posted them on my twitter feed. But if there is anything I know about Dudes - it's that if your joke doesn't go over well - just tell it again only louder this time. And since I'm guessing a lot of you that read this blog are Dudes, I'm sure you understand.

I mean, you know all the engineers call this car the clitoris is car. Right? has to be.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I wish a lot of people would just shut up.

I love listening to people who have never employed anyone fret about Trump not having a plan to replace Obamacare.  (said in the most sarcastic way) The same people who couldn't understand their mortgage documents. The same people who couldn't figure out that health care costs would only go up because now you have added a huge bureaucracy to manage health care. The same people who can't figure out that just paying CASH is actually less expensive than insurance and that if you just had catastrophic care you would be completely fine. Doctors give you a cash discount and always have! The same people who pay attention to absolutely nothing all of a sudden feel they can run the world!

When you employ thousands of people, you understand a little bit about health care costs and options.

Some companies in Silicon Valley change insurance providers every single year to get better prices for their employees. It's not because they are benevolent! It's because they pay a portion of your health care too! They also want to play less. At the same time they need to provide good benefits because they that helps them recruit the people they want. If you have crappy benefits people don't want to work for a company as much.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There is nothing more funny than the media waging a war with Trump when most people don't even think they need to pay to read the news. I won't even pay 99 cents to read the Mercury News or L.A. times.

It's not hard to figure out how this ends up.
I'm thinking about moving the Snarkolepsyblog this year. I tried to buy the snakolepsy domain about a year ago, and that girl is just homesteading on it. I don't get any money for this blog so I don't know what kind of money she thinks she's going to get for that domain.

Maybe someone will buy it - but obviously I was the most likely.

I know it's super hard to get people to move with you, but I didn't want ya'll to be surprised either. It's not set in stone, but I'm really considering it hard.

Super ballin' motor homes.

I have to admit, I'd never heard of this company before. Furrion. I guess they make appliances and....... robots? It was a little hard to get the whole thing into a single shot. It's 45 feet long after all. Full kitchen, bedroom, shower, and top deck with a tiny jacuzzi and helipad.

So ridiculous.

19 of the top stories on CNBC have the word Trump in the title. That's about 90% of the stories. I guess they no longer cover business.
For shits sakes. I don't remember all these people having their panties in such a bunch about Bloomberg's assets before he became the Mayor of New York. Sure he wasn't the President, but still!

Bloomberg is reported to have assets of 43.3 BILLION.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Metal 3D printing has arrived.

There hasn't really been much new in 3D printing - so I haven't blogged about it in a long time. But this metal 3D printer did catch my attention. Allegedly there is no post processing.

I was a little skeptical because they had a very small sample. But they said they had partnered with Harley Davidson,  so I'm guessing it's not vapor ware. The other interesting thing was that if you look under the printer box above - that is a welder which is attached to the printer. It all comes as one unit.

OH! Did you guys hear there is going to be a First Bunny in the white house?! Well, technically it's the second bunny and won't live in the White house but with the Vice President. But still. Screw all that V card stuff. We've made the B card!

The weird thing about CES this year.

Normally you go to CES to see what is going to be on the shelves within the next six months. In previous years you knew there were going to be T.V.s, but you'd get there and see they'd made curved T'V's. For example.

This year most of the stuff they were showing is already on the shelves. It's the first year I've seen that.

Lacy's first CES.

When we first started going to CES we'd fly in to Vegas in the morning and take the last flight out. Normally the weather is always clear. Always. But you knew there would be a year that rain would make that not happen. Like this year for example. And CES got too big to do in one day anyway. So it made getting rid of that stress a lot easier. Plus, over the years hotels have gotten crazy pet friendly. Although sometimes we have to sneak her in as a dog. For some reason some hotels are only dog friendly. Which is why she has a nondescript pet bag that doesn't draw attention.

Our last bun Jasmine logged the most miles. We took her to Ohio and Illinois and back. Which is pretty much how we came up with this set up. She has her litter box in a medium sized dog carrier and then we hook a medium sized dog crate to it so she can stretch out and not have to lie in her litter box.

Lacy is a crazy good travel bunny. Usually the first day they are off their kibble. But not Lacy. She is a trooper. Maybe it's because she started out traveling. We drove down to almost L.A. to get her when she was a baby. Then we took her to San Diego and back. Now Vegas and back. And she's only six months old.

We put down a drop cloth in the hotel to make sure everything stays clean from hay and cocopuffs.(poops) For some reason the first day or two she pees in her littler box but she won't poop there.  After a couple of days she goes back to getting the routine.

This is her in the truck.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Robots are STILL not coming to take your jobs.

Last year I think the fear of automation reached a fever pitch. Every week someone writes an article about how robots are going to take your jobs. And to be sure - automation will take ~some~ jobs. But not as many as people think. Most people have no understanding of how complicated robots are and what their limitations are.

I think I'm uniquely qualified to talk about this topic because this blog was literally created during the beginning of the consumer robotics trend in 2006-ish. I've been to countless conferences on robotics and have watched this trend since the beginning. I have watched the whole evolution of robotics. Way back then, I was super excited, but over time I realized this was going to take a lot longer than I thought.

Anyway....Lets bring this story current. Mr S. and I hadn't been in the robotics section of CES very long at all before he become super surly. He kept saying - I don't know what is up with all these robots with useless arms.

My soul died a long time ago in regards to how helpful robots would really be. But I always keep a little optimism because you never know where the break through will come. I thought that would be when the sensors became much cheaper. And they have. But there is still an achingly long way to go. It's taken them 10 YEARS to get here! Frankly I was just happy they have started to make them to look pleasing. So I turned to Mr S. and said - but they have cute faces and can dance - so shut up.

The more robots we saw, the surlier he became, It was about this time we peeled out for lunch. I was in a full hangry meltdown. It was 2.00 and I hadn't eaten anything. And to get into any restaurant in Vegas during CES takes a lot of effort. Mr S. was just trying not to upset the rattlesnake den (me) so he started talking about how robots were following the evolutionary equivalent of vestigial arms because they were so useless. At first I was like.... what? But after my blood sugar returned to normal and we got back on the floor he started pointing more robots out, I had to admit - he was onto something there.

With these robots the arms become shorter and stumpier.

Then they became sort of flappy fins.

This robot has been on the blog a couple of times (I think), because the entertaining part about it is that it will follow you around trying to get you to take literature. When you don't the face becomes neutral then frowny. And that's kinda funny.

As you can see though - the arms are almost useless.

Then some companies were like - screw the arms.

The pepper robot I have a slight affinity for because I've seen how it interacts with children. And for them it's pretty cute. But still highly limited. It dances so that's kinda cute.

By far this was the most useful robot I saw at CES. It basically rolled up to you and started opening all it's doors to reveal candy for you to take. And it has a clever name.

This robot below from Ewaybot was literally the only bot we saw that the arms were useful enough to grasp a water bottle.

Then - no arms at all. I wasn't even sure what this bot did. But it is a pleasing shape.

It's sort of frustrating because consumer robots started out as rolling robots. Then they tried to get them to walk. After that they put a ton of money into trying to make their arms useful. Here. Now they are kinda back to where they started. Rolling robots.

So honestly, all the hype about robots taking peoples jobs is by large - just hype. Robots do single tasks well. Other tasks... not as much.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

I'm working on getting posts out to you, but between stormagedon and the CES ick, I'm going a bit slow. I hadn't even left Vegas yesterday before a had that burning feeling deep down in my lungs. By the time I got home I was fully sick. Antibiotic sick.

I have a post on how robots are not taking your jobs about half done, and I think I have to run down to the Valley. So you might not get it until tomorrow.