Monday, June 22, 2020

I think this says something about the broader economy.

This weekend I popped into Fry's Electronics. Clearly no one cares about this subject anymore. I don't even care. But they have stayed open the WHOLE time. So I just had to see what was in there to sell. Mr S. is over my shit about this, so I went in by myself.

Interestingly...... they were selling masks and hand sanitizer. I often fantasized they might have a whole warehouse full of TP. But sadly they were not even that clever.

When I got back to the truck I tell Mr S. about the masks, and he asks - did they have anything else? I'm like - oh yeah! They have alcohol swabs! He's like - NO. Did they have any electronics?

We both laughed.

But it does make me wonder - how can a zombie company like this stay alive for so long? And how many others are out there that are doing a less bad job at faking it. Fry's doesn't give a fuuuck. They aren't even trying. But they continue to stay open.

In capitalist system, the free market would have had them liquidated a long time ago. But they must get easy access to credit or something because it's unexplainable.

Also, it seems they are selling lightbulbs. I'm only guessing these came from GE and are there on consignment. But I could be making shit up because I don't even care enough to google that shit.

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  1. Are they turning into a liquidation warehouse?