Monday, June 29, 2020

But Muh Freedom!

We should be calling Karens what they are - garbage people. With or without the virus these people would be garbage. I don't care if people wear a mask. Don't we want all these Jenny McArthy bots out there seeing where the line is? Let them.

At this point I'm only sad it takes so long to see the results. But the question really is - who treats people the way the no maskers do? We all laugh at this stuff, but how is this acceptable at all? They don't give a fuck about freedom. They just don't want people telling them what to do.

Yet every time a Covid case pops up in a business - that place has to shut down and deep clean. WHICH COSTS THEM MONEY and lost revenue. How are your freedoms more important that that businesses freedom?

Or maybe you have a garbage Karen who throws everything in their cart on the ground. Now the business has to throw some of that stuff out.

No one likes wearing the masks. So I'm pretty sure there are going to be more and more people who are just tired of their shit.

"‘Exhausted’ by customers’ rage over wearing masks, California taco chain shuts down"

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