Monday, June 29, 2020


  1. A friend of mine bought out a lot of Atari and associated. Never fix yourself on one thing.
    He did.
    The last thing that I knew he was raving about was his laserdisc collection.
    Right next to his other collections of failed states of thought.
    He's making bank off the govt.
    Water, Collectivism in the words of him, "Fools".
    Almost like someone is taking those idiots to the bank.

  2. I have found, through my life, so far; that those who have intelligence and act on them are those who do NOT care about their wealth. Their wealth is their mind and those they can actually speak to. Arthur c clark, heinlein. etc.
    These are people who seem to be the ones who never reap their ideas.
    People like elon musk do.
    and let me tell you something; people like elon are not at the level of those who truly invent.
    They are the people that make SURE that their good will is public.
    They are NOT the same.

    They use people and what has gone before. They use what is already KNOWN to publicly proclaim their 'ingenuity'.

    They are scum in my book.

    Shuts up

  3. If you only knew how many Ataris I’ve gotten for free. Tomorrow we add a pig to the farm. DF

  4. You kinda are in a sweet zone right now. On the old people news - they were talking about subscription farming. Maybe you keep that property and become an urban farmer. Obviously it would have to be small batch. But it's an idea rabbit.

    If you are zoned for it obvi.

  5. oh?

  6. I’m leaving urban for rural. We are going to buy lakefront camping and build rv hookups/infrastructure for displaced globetrotters. Seems safer then staying in an environment, where it feels like if, not when I catch the virus. Plus I think rural will be a better environment to raise a little boy. I think that between all the different hustles, it will enable work at home and let me spend my days in the sunshine on a farm. It’s amazing how much a dream can change in just a decade. DF

  7. I'm not surprised. It's pretty much the cycle of life around here. Then, your kid will grow up and want to escape a small town. He will move here because it's exciting and the cycle continues.

    "It’s amazing how much a dream can change in just a decade. "

    I'm told kids will do that to you.