Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dog mode has its limits.

A month ago I was just happy to go anywhere. The store. Truck picnic. It didn't matter.. I affectionately starting calling this "dog mode" because dogs are just happy to be on the road. It doesn't matter where they are going. Mr S would ask if I cared which route he took and I'd be like - nope. Dog mode.

Then normalcy started creeping in. Going out in the real world didn't have the bump I'd hoped for. It's not exactly like things are normal. They are difficult. Every thing you do has a layer of extra.

I noticed it slipping in Middle California. At one point Mr S. turned to me and said - all of this stuff you've never seen before if boring you when just a week ago you were in dog mode.

I'm like - yep. That about sums it up. Now that things are returning to normal, dog mode is fading.

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