Wednesday, June 17, 2020

This is my advice to ALL restaurants.....

Be more like Chickfila. Except open on Sundays. Do everything in your power to mimic their model.

McDonald’s earnings fall 17% as coronavirus leads to restaurant closures, plunging sales.

Every time I hear a restaurant complain about the business climate I think - do you know who isn't complaining? Chickfila. It's astounding actually.  They are doing at least as good of business with NO inside seating. I was just in a line last night and I thought - apparently if you have good food and want to feed people the line will wrap around the BLOCK twice.

Chick-fil-A is now the 3rd-largest restaurant chain in America, and McDonald's and Starbucks should be terrified.

Yes... they... should. I don't know about Starbucks...... unless Chickfila gets into the business. They are just wiping the floor with restaurants right now.

Update - I also want to add that ALL restaurants should be rethinking their relationship with YELP in my opinion. YELP has been the opposite of helpful. When a restaurant won't even bother to update if they are open or closed. Or even update their hours so people don't have to call them - I just don't even know what to say.

But you know who is always open? Chickfila - except on Sundays. A lot of us tried to help them for the past few months, and we eventually just had to go to Chikfila.

You see where I'm going with this?


  1. I've eaten at Chikfila back in Georgia, the food is good and at lunch time they do a good job of dealing with the line. And yes, they are always busy except Sunday.

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, June 18, 2020 12:42:00 AM

    Didn't think I'd be grateful for sit-down dining at a Longhorn ...

    But now, yeah, especially since they were one of the first places to open up again for sit-down dining.

    And don't say anything about The Fake Australian Steak Company, they don't even come up to that level, let alone certain Chicago steak experiences that are now like a distant memory.

    BTW, I figure that at the point when Krispy Kreme has to declare bankruptcy, everyone in America is totally fucked.

    As for Yelp, they behave like an extortion racket, so why would they act like they're helpful?

    Burger King shot itself in the stones by forcing a franchise change through that eliminated locations that were pulling in less than $1.5 million per month, so that's what happened to Burger King.

    As for Taco Bell, I'm not sure whether the symptoms of Bad Taco Bell and The Rona have a lot of overlap by coincidence or something else. :-)

    KFC has one thing that brings people back who like it: that gravy and potatoes.

    When you need a salt and grease fix with some tasty protein, nothing gives you cheap satisfaction quite like a bucket of KFC and that gravy and potatoes.

    Protein crash? Not enough fats to keep the keto burn? There's a KFC nearby?

    Got that covered.

    But Wendy's? Subway?


    Didn't Subway have yoga mat chemicals in their bread?


    McDonald's though ... all they'd have to do is to listen to what's happening outside the US to get some better ideas.

    The windows may be fogged up and greasy looking at a McDonald's in Sweden, but the food's definitely a grade above what's getting sold in the US.

    Even Stealth Caribbean McDonald's has better food.

    Ever heard of the McKroket? Hits all of your meat and cheese wants with salty goodness, they cost less than three euros, and it would not be hard for McDonald's to import that bit of "diverse international cuisine" and make it work in America.

    Vegetarians would like the McAloo Tikki burger and the Big Spicy Paneer Wrap, because both options actually give you a lot of energy and don't suck nearly as much Oregon Vegan Wang as a Gardenburger. Even keto-heads might like that stuff because of the whopping servings of fat and protein.

    Instead, McDonald's brings in some of the more stupid international menu options that they can already make in America. (Warning: CNN page with auto-play video at upper left.)

    But OMG, the McRib's back again for a limited time? Isn't that like glued together zombie pork being served out of season?

    McDonald's should only have that stuff around Halloween ... which actually happened last year. :-)

    Now the only thing I might order at an American McDonald's is the Egg McMuffin, just as long as they take the pork allergens off it before giving it to me.

    Oh, yeah, and the American McDonald's locations have those kiosks so they're less likely to fuck up my order, so there's that.

    I figure Chik-fil-A's business is booming because they serve fresh and tasty stuff without making it seem boring and cheap in a crappy way.

    Actually providing value and what people want ... amazing concept, I think it has legs, Cotton. :-)

  3. The first ChickFilA in the region shares a parking lot with my work. And as annoyed as we get about having to share the lot space with the ChickFilA crowd (never mind the freaking line of cars back up 3 lights deep to get into the lot), I gotta say, they know how to move a line through. Its amazing to watch.

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, June 18, 2020 7:04:00 PM

    You know how they say that you know that politicians are lying when you can see their lips moving?

    As of a few hours ago, California leads the nation with its new solution to keep people from seeing their politicians lying to them. (Warning: The El Lay Slimes is the source.)

    Maybe it's the new political Don't See, Don't Tell policy. :-)

  5. Okay..... how long before this becomes an advertising space? The monetizing side of my brain thinks this is a great idea. The other side of my brain says - shut uppey. One day I'm going to murder you.

  6. I used to like Chick-fil-a, but after watching Dan Cathy suggest that we should shine black people's shoes I'll never be eating chick-fil-a again. Virtue signalling to this level is disgusting.

  7. This is what happens when the kids take over the empire. And frankly why Silicon Valley is such a bullshit place right now. They are all coasting on their parents success. I take comfort knowing that every single one of them one day will be a Fry's electronics.

    Eventually someone will mimic their model and they will be the new hot chicken place. I mostly don't care about your politics if you are serving good food. Food brings us all together even if we are fighting. People should just shut the fuck up and serve food.

  8. Refugiado de la Capital de TexasSaturday, June 20, 2020 1:54:00 AM

    "The monetizing side of my brain thinks this is a great idea."

    Despite being in the Bay Area, you don't strike me (pun intended?) as the kind of chick who's into selling Pro-Pain and Pro-Pain Accessories ...

    What's the angle, rabbit?

    Pero espera, ahora hagamos esto al estilo de alguien que salta de cosas perfectamente estables sin una buena razón.

    ... y después ...


    Ahora este estilo es más como La Verdad ... :-)

  9. Are you okay Leaperman? You are kinda having middle of the night spiraling going on.