Friday, November 08, 2019

The TINA market.

It became fashionable this week to say the recession has been canceled. Because all that matters is the stock market being at all all time high. How can things be bad. Right?

Well over the summer I started freaking out about the talk of negative interest rates. I said this would distort the stock market because that is where you are going to park your money if you have it. Now there is a term for this market. It's called TINA. There Is No Alternative.

It's hard to believe I only wrote that post in September. It feels like a million years ago.

In other news, my credit union has taken to sending me notices on the monthly that my savings rate has declined. That has never happened before. Not that there hasn't been a tick down here or there. But never two months in a row. Of course I started that account when we were deep in the thick of it, and banks were failing left and right. But it certainly doesn't make me feel like things are just alright. That's for sure.

If I am getting these notices - I'm sure other people are too. I am not unique in any way.

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