Wednesday, November 13, 2019

I'm never entertained by the things people want me to be entertained by.

I finagled my way onto Moffett Field today. They have a McDonalds on base!

Yes.... that was my takeaway.

I didn't get an other pictures because I wasn't sure what I could photograph or not.


  1. I have a very dark and sarcastic sense of humor. I can find something horribly evil, and someone will create a pun based on it, and I'll snicker. I have, however, learned not to share those on FB.....

    Thats cool looking, I assume a hanger of some kind?

  2. You can share them here. I think we all are like minded people. Except for leaperman. I think he's a little sensitive to dark humor. Hahahahah

  3. Oh.... and yes it's one of the old blimp hangers. It's been skinless for years because the skin had asbestos.

  4. she said,

    Dark huh?
    Hold my beer.

    Pinky toe swear!

  5. Do they have a holding cell at Moffett Field for The Hamburglar? :-)

  6. That McDonalds broke my brain. I was trying to figure out of the fries were the same. And how do they get people to work there. Sadly I couldn't go check it out because I was already running late.

  7. They probably have to get people with military or State Department clearances.

    You should see the food court at the old Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.

    There they probably do have a holding cell for The Hamburglar because they have a Burger King instead. :-)

  8. That would really suck to have to go through them strolling through your whole background just so you could work at a McDonalds. That's not worth it. You can work while you are going through the process, but that takes like 6 months. Mr S. had a clearance. I was always glad he didn't have to update it because I smoke the refer madness.