Saturday, November 09, 2019

I was at a car show today where they had someone singing the national anthem - and literally every single person in there stopped and oriented to the person singing the song. It had huge attendance - as it's the last show of the year. Men took their hats off and placed them over their hearts and everything.

I have seen this happen once before and it's pretty moving honestly. Especially here in California where you get the impression most people don't even like the country.

I wouldn't even consider myself very patriotic, but even I stopped this time because the whole thing is that moving. It's super fascinating.

Pictures later. Not of the people. The few things I liked of the cars. Which wasn't much. I'm bored.


  1. Dog shows, at least here in Upstate NY, they play both the Canadian and USA anthems. The whole echoing show hall goes dead silent except for the occasional dog, and orients towards their nearest flag set (several of which are usually placed around the room). Its impressive.

  2. Yeah. yeah. yeah. It's really amazing to have all the sound of people just stop. I mean, that is hard to do if you actually try. But everyone just stops and it becomes quiet. It really is something. I think I am still a little affected by it today.