Wednesday, November 27, 2019

This blog goes off the rails around the holidays. I sort of have to be dragged into the holiday spirit. And in California you never really feel like you can rest until the rain comes. Which this year came yesterday.  You can't be lazy when the sun is shining every single day. By the time the holidays come around I'm just mentally exhausted.

It's also the time of year I try to figure out this blog and what I want to do about it. The last two years have been real crap for technology. Normally I don't need as much filler content. It takes a lot of effort for the mediocre content I got you. I'm hoping next year will improve because I have been in a real rut.


  1. "You can't be lazy when the sun is shining every single day ..."

    Says you -- I can get itchy skin from too much vitamin D, no joke.

    That's my doctor's opinion and I'm sticking with it.

    I could never be a sparkly vampire because the sparkly stuff would itch. :-)

    "The last two years have been real crap for technology ..."

    Yes, the Bay Area is a bubble, as I've been saying.

    It's like these people haven't met a surveillance technology they didn't like, and that's because at a core level, these Bay Area companies behave a lot like the kinds of creepy guys (and creepy chicks) you never wanted to be around.

    But some Bay Area/PRC tie-ups over CreepyTech(tm) like "cheap" iris scanners that they can stuff into everyone's phones?

    Oh, yeah, like that would be a surprise.

    There's a lot of cool stuff going on despite CreepyTech(tm), but since it doesn't have to work with the Bay Area, it doesn't.

    I am rarely if ever in the Bay Area to do anything now: zero customers.

    Besides, here's the Bay Area's future as well as America's future: RISC-V foundation moves to Switzerland.

    Apparently the IP licensing crap that happened with ARM Holdings bothered RISC-V enough to pull up stakes from Delaware, not that they were probably ever really in Delaware but instead were most likely in one of the most densely populated buildings in the world.

    And yes, that building is in fact beige, and quite probably deliberately beige as well. :-)

    RISC-V has a PR contact in the Bay Area with a 415 area code phone number, but anyone can get a 415 area code phone number via voice over IP these days.

    Besides, they want Alibaba to keep building over-sized multi-core data center processors from their designs, so why not PANIC NOW AND AVOID THE CRUSH?

    So you have two different political games with the same outcome: the Bay Area leftists running CreepyTech(tm) operations and the New Nationalists running PatriotFlagTech(tm) operations both fail to learn from the history of the Internet, especially that of a certain Grateful Dead guy who warned the world that the Internet routes around obstacles.

    It also routes around excessive corporate tax rates.

    Switzerland's a better deal that's going to get better yet, whereas the US had to wait for DJ Trump to spin America on those lower tax tunes.

    Remember that non-Bay Area tech that turned North Dakota into an energy power house? Well, the Russians figured out that they could do the same diagonal drilling with pressurized steam extraction thing themselves, and now they produce enough to be able to handle their own needs, a lot of Europe's needs, and also export to China.

    Besides, we know what the Bay Area is really about: trying to score more cash so you can cash out, which is what the dot-org sale is really about.

    The interesting tech to me these days is the type of tech that lets you do without the Internet being a constant presence in your life ...

    I'm down to two vehicles now and the boat's gone.

    Both of those vehicles aren't things I'd want to keep or try to export to another country, so at some point there will be zero vehicles again.

    I'd rather keep my vehicle use down to errands and local use than try to drive all over the country like I used to do.

    Your boredom level is at the local technology level.

    My boredom level is at the local travel level.

    Ain't much that's interesting for either of us, and so we're having to shop around for a few things that will keep our interest ...

    Maybe I need to check out Grenoble sometime soon. *shrug*

  2. It's sort of funny you keep bringing up the color beige as I've had a struggle with it for quite a long time. I've even written a post called 50 shades of beige. (not original I know) When I was flipping everyone told me to just make it all beige. Everyone likes beige. Which I thought was bullshit. But as it turns out - most people do just like beige. Everything just the same. It makes them feel comfortable to all blend in.

    There is a city next to me that has a specific building code that you can only paint things tones of beige. Which I find irritating because by this time of the year the ~whole~ world looks beige. Everything is literally the color of dirt.

    I'm not only bored with technology. I might also be bored with geography. It just feels like everything just has a certain level of sameness. But I think I am predispositioned to change as the Valley always is in some flux of change. So while the little ikemans are in charge now, it won't always be that way. The world is filled with people in ruin who once were on top of the world. Time passes everyone by eventually.

  3. Ah. You need a sammich?

  4. I had a ramen burger once. Ramen as the buns. It starts out good but becomes bad really quickly. It's like that stuff expands in your stomach. Which is weird because it's about the same amount as a serving of ramen soup. Totally different experience though. Do not recommend.

  5. "It's sort of funny you keep bringing up the color beige ..."

    Beige, the color of unimaginative design, a color meant to stand up to the abuses of wear, tear, and age by looking permanently pre-aged and slightly dirty.

    I do not like beige at all.

    I once purchased a khaki-colored shirt with ample numbers of pockets from a Canadian outfitter, only to regret that it looked very beige once I got done with its first washing.

    A friend shortly after marveled (and I saw him marveling) at the beige khaki outdoor enthusiast shirt, and asked me if I liked it.

    Yeah, but it looked beige in dim lighting ... so would he like to have it?

    I was careful after that not to buy too many things that would turn out to be beige when they were lit up a certain way.

    So beige technology and beige buildings and most especially beige clothing?

    Totally not into these things.

    But according to research into color perceptions, beige is perceived to be a down-to-earth color because, well, it pretty much is the definition of dirt colored.

    There are many things I happen to be, but I have never heard anyone make any attempt whatsoever to refer to me as "down-to-earth". :-)

    But I've seen some attempts to make beige and beige-ish stuff look cooler, such as the Tokyo metro government building.

    This style of beige comes in a circular outdoor variation as well as an indoor super-beige variation.

    It still is what it is.

    "I had a ramen burger once. Ramen as the buns."

    Oh, I knew there was a reason I had Tokyo on my mind ... *grumble*


    C'mon, in Osaka at least they try to make the bun out of meat ... even if it is The Evil Pork which I can't eat, but they do try.

    I'm waiting for the Tokyo food hipsters or the Osaka food hipsters to turn Chicken Iskender into some kind of tempura or Japanese-style relleno where the sauce, onion, and cheese are all on the inside of the chicken.

    Lawson's, you should get on this at once. :-)