Saturday, November 16, 2019

Oh Silicon Valley you make me smile.

I'm running into a little pocket of i8's right now. The license plate on this one read  LCKYBTC. I couldn't get a closer clear shot.


  1. I've been in the Santa Cruz area for just over a week now, I'm made a couple of trips over the mountain to see people in Los Gatos & Menlo Park and I've seen more Audis this week than I've seen in the last year!
    A lot of Porsches too.

  2. Yeah, we are pretty thick with Audi's. Santa Cruz area leans more Porsche. there are more CEO's in Santa Cruz area I think. At least when I used to live over in Soquel that is how things were. I don't get over there as much as the traffic is just really extra. How are you loving our traffic?

    How long you going to be out here? At least you came in during our never ending summer.

  3. I'd forgotten how nice the Bay Area can be, then I hit the traffic. 230 in the afternoon here. I walked thru a traffic jam in a parking lot in Marin county one afternoon.

    Nope, I don't need it.. but the weather has been great!

  4. Yeah. Used to be if you got on the road by 2:30 you could get anywhere fairly quickly. Now there is no traffic window. It starts at 12:30. And if there is an accident - man o man - you could be out there for hours. I'm pretty sure that is why everyone is leaving. They seem to tolerate the rest of the stuff, but some of that traffic just changes you. It's intense.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, November 18, 2019 4:49:00 PM

    "I'm pretty sure that is why everyone is leaving."

    Where is it that they think they're going to go without traffic?

    Several years ago, I was back in The People's Republic of Austin to visit some friends, and I couldn't believe the traffic.

    I'd left Austin back in the 1990s when you could still get across the city in less than thirty minutes, by which I mean the entire Austin City Limits(tm).

    When I'd left, Mopac was free-flowing, but then it was like being on I-40 through the Inland Empire with crazy driving interspersed with traffic.

    Nashville, not that big of a town, right? Stuck in traffic for over an hour.

    Indianapolis? I gave up on the traffic, found a coffee shop, and waited it out until 7 PM.

    Houston? Are you fucking kidding? Even on FM 1960 you'll be stuck out in that shit for hours.

    Miami? Actually, it's Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties now where you can expect bad traffic, not just Miami-Dade.

    Charlotte ... really, Charlotte? Yeah, and since they're Speed Nazis, you can't just drive fast to get the fuck out of everyone's way.

    Shitty traffic in Portland, shitty traffic in Seattle, shitty traffic in New Orleans, shitty traffic in Albuquerque, shitty traffic even in fucking Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.

    And yes, even shitty traffic here, especially during the summer.

    Maybe I was a bit hasty about Montpellier because they do have a conveniently located train station, but it'd be like living on Sanibel Island with French people and a train station.

    Oh, yeah, and traffic in Fort Myers ... and even sometimes traffic on Sanibel Island!

    Why didn't I move to somewhere like New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, etc.?

    Tampa-Saint Pete regional traffic sucks even worse than this shit! At least I have a ton of local van and airport limo options to get me out of here when I need to be out of here.

    So do you ever really get away from it?