Friday, April 06, 2018

San Fransisco had better get it's shit hole together.

International gamers in SF for convention 'shell shocked' by 'dangerous city'.

I have never seen this said about any conference in SF before this article. I know tourists are starting to freak....... but....

The homeless in San Fransisco are next level. At least half of them need to be in hospitals. They are the "fighting inner daemons" kinda homeless. They will talk and fight with themselves. I mean, really crazy and borderline dangerous.  And there are TONS of them.

I almost wish I gone up to GDC so see how bad it was. But locals try not to go to San Fransisco if they don't have to. With the way the homeless look everywhere else, I can only imagine what it looks like in SF these days.

I'm totally used to the homeless, and even I think the SF homeless are super sketch. There are parks I won't go into because there are so many homeless. But I can say that about San Jose too. I guess protecting illegals is more important than protecting their citizens, or having tourists.

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