Saturday, April 21, 2018

When I'm bored....

I might wind up at a cat show even though I don't really like cats. Not to mention, Mr S is super allergic to cats. I do sort of have a kink for breeders though. They are a really quirky set and they create some pretty interesting stuff sometimes. Like for a few years it seems like they are trying to get cats to look more like lions and tigers. The hairless ones don't seem to be as trendy now.

I think the real reason I keep going to these things is one time I went to one and they had a serval there. Which wasn't the interesting part. LOL. The interesting part was the giant billboard next to the serval that told you in big letters how bad of a pet they are. You can never leave home. They are needy. They will destroy all your stuff. Which honestly made us feel better about owning bunnies. At least she isn't a serval. Things could be worse.

I know I make owning bunnies sound like hell, but the baby years can be challenging. That's why so many of them wind up in shelters after a few months.

This one was new in the cellophane.

I'm the cat.

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