Thursday, April 05, 2018

Isn't youtube already sort of providing a universal basic income?

I'm surprised that more people don't flip out over the youtube monetization policies. I mean, most of these people have no discernible skills. They don't really provide a product. Some get money just for being a tards. Youtube pays you solely based on how many eyeballs you can draw to their site.

In a way, it's like a universal basic income for doing kinda nothing. And when people give you things for free - they control you. They can cut you off at any time. Sometimes they change their mind and you have no skills to pick up the pieces. Maybe youtube is already showing us what a universal income would be like. All of the people getting paid through Adsense are not improving their lives. A few get super rich for a while. But even then, youtube can just change their algos.

I saw it though the recession that these personalities would piss someone off and then all of a sudden no more Adsense dollars. And overnight they were penniless. I think all of this monetization is in a bubble.

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