Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I'm totally confused. I thought Solar power was going to save them.

Puerto Rico Hit With Island-Wide Blackout.

Said in the most sarcastic way. I've only been keeping a slight eye on this because I can't wait to see what happens to solar panels in the next hurricane. But what do I know?

I'm really loath to give Tesla too much shit right now. Cnbc came out with this article this morning. "Tesla could be 'too big to fail' like GM, Chrysler were during crisis, Morgan Stanley says" .

Remember I talked about this a few weeks ago. But honestly, Elon is the billionaire you want to be. He changed the Valley in ways I could have never imagined. I want him to stop using our money - but I don't want him to stop. Elon is one of the most scrappy guys. He will die trying to  save that company. He might just not have enough runway.

I honestly think a Tesla default will ripple through the Valley in a much larger way then CNBC thinks. In a normal business cycle 1 auto job supports 7 other jobs, but I think that ratio is higher because of all the sensors and map applications. I'm not sure what the ratio is... but I think way higher than that.

Hurricanes blew away Puerto Rico's power grid. Now solar power is rising to fill the void.

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