Saturday, April 21, 2018

You have to try it once.

Since I was in San Mateo today we wound up at the burger place call Apple Fitter. They make donuts and burgers. And Mr S. and I had to try one of those donut burgers. We decided to do half and half because I thought that would be way too much and I wouldn't like it. That way we both got to try it without committing to a whole burger and we'd have a different burger half chaser.

But...... it was better than the other burger we ordered. And I'd go back. You almost can't even taste the donut. It just sort of gives it a sweet finish. Plus they put glazed side down so you don't get all sticky. It was really much better than I expected. Now I guess I have to order some insulin in bulk. And no I don't use insulin now.. but give it time. Donut burgers. They could be crave worthy.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, April 22, 2018 5:29:00 AM

    Cool burger, but ...

    It'd be even cooler if they'd replace the donuts with more burger. :-)

    That's right, I want a burger with burgers for buns, more cheese between the burgers that are buns, and while we're at it, I want my condiments grilled into the burgers that are the buns. I want the ketchup grilled into the burgers that are buns along with pickle relish and grilled onions, so that way I can get grilled stuff in my grilled stuff.

    And I don't want cheese fries, I want fries that are made of cheese that are coated with fried cheese so I can get cheese fries with my cheese fries.

    If anyone wants to make a burger joint like this, they should call it Inception Burger. :-)

  2. Full paleo huh.

    I once did ramen bun burgers. That is fun for about 4 bites. It was literally the heaviest burger I've ever eaten. It's like the ramen expands in your stomach. I can't even.