Friday, December 15, 2017

And that's how you know it's crap.

Google is going to shut down its once-hyped augmented reality project, Tango.

When I read this I laughed and laughed and laughed. I think I'm perhaps the only person on earth that has one of these devices. And I think I only blogged about it once because I got it for free.

I rarely accept swag from companies because it creates a sense of obligation. I mean, if you get it for free how can you say bad things about it. It's free!

Freeness distorts your views about the product. But it does make me laugh they shut it down. In The Valley the chorus of "this is going to be the greatest product on earth" is so loud, and swimming against the stream is so hard that sometimes I feel like I'm the crazy one. But if I wait long enough I can say .... no... no. I'm still just fine.

But if you get something for free and can't even say good things about it... well....

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