Saturday, December 02, 2017

They can't hide anywhere.

It's not common to see lidar rigs in the burbs. I'm pretty sure this is the first one I've ever seen. I was hoping to be able to drive right up along side of it, but it decided it didn't want to leave town and pulled over to turn around. So I only got three shots of it. I think it's a ford. And the lidar is pretty middle of the range honestly. No branding I could see on anything in my shots, so I don't think it's one of the majors.

I personally have a feeling the cars are coming this way though. We still have some land here in greenish acres. You need a lot of land to test those things.


  1. The body's a dead ringer for a Ford hybrid, but the wheel covers look like something off a BMW ...

    If they were going to hide what it is, they should have removed the hybrid door badge -- that's what identifies it first as a Ford.

  2. Those horns that look like tin cans - those are lidar. Lidar creates images like these for self driving cars and other things. They have a few other sensors on that rack. The whole roof thing is designed to hold a whole host of sensors. Sometimes it's sideways facing camera or 360.

  3. The wheels look like they come from a Ford Fusion. But I don't think Ford has any campus anywhere around here at all. And the rig doesn't seem tricked out enough to be a player that big. It's just interesting to see them test in my burb whoever it is.