Monday, December 18, 2017

Projection. The new car status item.

A couple of days ago when I was out doing the Christmas light crawl  I noticed that a car was projecting this image onto the ground from it's side mirror onto the sidewalk.

I got one shot off when the owners walked up on me.

Me - It's projecting that image onto the ground? They replied, well yeah - it's a Land Rover. Making it seem like everyone who knew anything about land rovers would know they project images onto the sidewalk from their mirrors. I don't find those cars interesting in any way... well I guess until now, so you have never seen one pop up one this blog.

Now every time I see a Land Rover I'm going to have to ask them if their car projects a car onto the ground because I don't know if they do it all the time or only when its dark. The only other car that I've seen this on was an Audi R8. But in general I want to be a fly on the wall in those meetings.

Them- how do we make this car stand out? OOOh. I know. We could project images onto the ground.

Loves it.


  1. I can almost picture the meeting at Land Rover HQ ...

    "We have a vehicle that the market perceives as a pretentiously aspirational 'bourgeois box' ... what can we do to make it better?"

    "We could put curves on it?"

    "Yes, brilliant strategy, we'll get right on it just as soon as we hire some Ford engineers who can make Land Rovers look like Ford mini-vans ... anyone else?"

    "We could put a bigger engine in it?"

    "OH YES, we could shove a Bugatti engine in it ... which probably means we wouldn't be able to sell it in the US ... but we would be able to sell one to Jeremy Clarkson, so a lovely try though, anyone else?"

    "Much more comfortable seats?"

    "We're not selling a Maybach SUV -- that changes the price point."

    "Better interior trim package?"

    "We're selling this to people who shuffle their children around and who like to pretend they're going to glomping around in Wellies at a moment's notice."

    "We could make the lights really cool?"

    "Right ... how cool?"

    "We could make the lights project a little copy of the Land Rover on the ground."

    "And it'd cost us how much to do that?"

    "Not much compared to how much we could sell that for as an exclusive feature."

    "Get right on it, because we're not going to stuff a Bugatti engine up a Land Rover and up-sell the whole thing with trim packages lifted from a Maserati. I don't know what the rest of you have been smoking, and I don't want to know, because you're going to stop smoking it as of today."


  2. That was hilarious. But seriously - they ~could~ make it interesting if they put a Bugatti engine in it. That would be fun when you're off roading. I think those cars only get like 6 miles to the gallon. That would take range anxiety to a whole nuther level. It would be the funniest top gear episode evar!