Tuesday, December 05, 2017

San Jose wants to put the homeless in designer micro-homes.


This tiny house movement is just complete insanity. It's just the craziest thing I've ever seen. It's completely like throwing money away. They say these "designer micro homes" are going to cost 73-90 thousand dollars each. And I'm not even sure if they come with a bathroom inside.

San Jose seems to think that if you just make it expensive enough the neighbors who get stuck with one of these communities will cave on their complaints. Because the city seems to think it's all about property values which it isn't.

I think it was last week I was on a stretch of the 101 and you just can't believe this new breed of homeless. The trash accumulation is breathtaking. And I'm not being dramatic in any fashion. Just because you put them in luxury accommodations, doesn't mean you stop that behavior. Where are they going to put their bikes and sofas and multiple shopping carts? Said in the most sarcastic way. To some degree most of the homeless have anti social behavior. Even if the city were to have shelters for all of them, the homeless don't want people telling them what to do - so often they refuse shelters. I don't know how "designer micro homes" are going to change that dynamic because someone is gong to have to make rules about this community. Like maybe - you can't be a hoarder here.

A shelter is not suppose to be luxury. You aren't meant to stay there for long. That is a feature not a bug.

A few weeks ago I read an article about how these tiny homes were pushing up the costs of mobile homes because they are now filled with granite counter tops and luxury finishes. Now "real" poor people can't afford them.


  1. He makes some good points here:


    I recall a talk radio program out of San Antonio, TX where a study of homeless surveyed said they liked living that way. I can appreciate the idea of freedom of no boss or no job given the way things are these days, but having to live like that is a bit much.

  2. "Just because you put them in luxury accommodations, doesn't mean you stop that behavior."

    That statement right there proves that there is no such think as magic dirt. Culture is king.

    Looks like you live in a third world country these days.


  3. Wow bunnygoat. I think the truth hurts a little. But you are right.... no where but third world countries do people live in their own filth like this.

    A Texan - I used to think that people wanted more for themselves, but I don't believe that anymore. I think that they are generally happy living the way they do.