Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Democrats are really underestimating the public's appetite for infrastructure spending. In the Bay Area it isn't uncommon at all to hear about 4 hour commutes - one way. If there is an accident on the freeway - you can absolutely expect a three or for hour commute. And this happens pretty much all the time now.

And the fun thing is that at least in Fremont Ca, the cops take these opportunities to pull people over for cell phone use as they are desperately trying to find alternative routes on Waze or Maps. Making the traffic even worse instead of finding ways to get people out of their city. No fucks given.


  1. As you know, the CA freeway system was not designed with a population of 40 million people in mind. Not in their wildest dreams did they envision this.

  2. I"m not sure in my wildest dreams I envisioned this. I live a little inland and people are now commuting and hour and a half one way to work in my city. That is almost the craziest crap I've ever heard.