Thursday, December 28, 2017

I'm confirming this.

"It was believed that the vehicles were awaiting transport to their delivery location, but some Tesla naysayers suggested that the only reason they could be sitting in the parking lot is that they have defects and they are not ready for delivery." Source.

Just today Mr S and I were driving through Fremont. I know of five sites that are starting to accumulate a bunch of Teslas. So much so that I turned to Mr S and asked - why are all these cars building up? I thought there was a waiting list for these things. Why aren't they being pushed through the chain?

He wondered if they were waiting parts. Which I have heard reports of Tesla doing.

I would have investigated further but this is a traffic day. I'm not hunting cars. It really feels like I've been seeing this buildup for about a month or so as I'm in Fremont ALL the time. But it's been the holidays and just haven't had the time to go investigate. And it was really just today that I was like wow.... this is starting to be a lot of cars.

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