Thursday, December 03, 2015

No one will notice me here.

I always love running across a McLaren in the wild.

I had to use this new parking garage in San Jose and as I was winding my way to the top I saw this car parked in a corner. It was so dark under there that I was like - is that a McLaren? I spent 15 minutes trying to find it after I parked because the deck was really packed and I technically didn't know what floor it was on.

The garages in San Jose now are so short that it isn't easy to judge height. I don't bring my full size truck to these if I can help it. You literally might only have 3-4 inches above you. The garage beams hit the standard Toyota radio antenna. That's how short they are. Very cave like.

This shot is probably a mix of flash and headlights.  The first shot is natural light. If you didn't have an idea that was a fancy car you might have never noticed.

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