Monday, December 21, 2015

This time of year the blog goes off the rails.

Every year I think it won't. But it just does.

It's everything. The holidays. It finally starts to rain. It a State that is sunny 90% of the time, there is just a lot of pressure to always be doing something. And we've been in a drought for 4 years. I haven't gotten my normal winter down time.

When it rains you don't have to feel any guilt for wanting to roll up into a tiny ball and do nothing. The world is just quieter when it rains. And I've been trying to take some time out of the news cycle to center myself and prepare for next year.

It's all that an more. That's why every year this blog just goes off the rails. It gets better after the new year.  CES kinda pushes you back into the grind, and off we go for another year.

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