Thursday, December 10, 2015

Maybe that's what we want.

Ron Paul: A Trump win would ‘sever’ the GOP.

"If Donald Trump wins the presidential nomination, it will be terrible for the Republican Party, says Ron Paul, the former GOP presidential hopeful whose son is running for the White House. "

Right now there is nothing more that we hate than our own party. They are the most spineless do nothings on the face of the planet. How messed up is it that we think a person like Donald Trump is better than anything we have right now. If he wins it will be the most surreal moment in history. Yet I would not be surprised at all.

We hate everyone in our party. I'm not even sure we even like Trump - we just hate the rest of them more.

Full disclosure - I was on the Ron Paul Bandwagon in the last election and I think he effed us. So, there is that.


  1. Could you expand on what you mean by "Ron Paul effed us?" I was also in his camp during the last two elections. Thank you.

  2. I think it's funny how everyone is so concerned about Trump being a "Perot" that they miss that between Gary Johnson and Paul - Paul was basically Perot. He sucked off enough enthusiasm that might have gone to the Republicans. I voted for him.

    Having said that - I think Romney was the worst candidate ever. Obama and Romney were basically the same. (Better living through big government and all)The only difference IMO was one wanted you to work, and the other was just as happy to see you slide into dependency.

    As suckage as Obama is - Romney would have found a way to make Obamacare work just good enough that we would have never gotten rid of
    it. We should all be happy he never won.