Tuesday, December 08, 2015

You never know what you will find at the Snarkolepsy blog.

I stroll up to my conference in San Jose to see this sign. I think to myself - self, I'm sure this is going to be way funner than anything I find in the conf, but I check in anyway. Do a scan, and then go back over to the area auditions were happening. But it wasn't like on TV where there was a big line of people. This seemed more like a "show up any time you want" sort of thing. Later I found out from Elvis that the Idol judges were not there. You HAVE to have an Elvis. Right? Anyway. I hung out a little while. I felt very lurker creepy doing so. I mean, I was trying to get shots of bigger personalities. I couldn't see their acts. Got a few shots. Went back over to my conference.

I figured early on the real judges must not be there because there wasn't any crying or dramatics. But some people were taken downstairs, where others just left.

This couple hung around for a really long time. He's in a bunch of my shots.

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