Thursday, December 31, 2015

This - is - war.

These are the bullets.

Apparently mice got into my engine compartment and started eating the wires. I only discovered this after I took the car in for a tuneup and went to drive it off the lot after. I barely got down the block before I had to take it back. They took the engine compartment apart and found a rats nest and they'd chewed some of my wiring. Something about the tuneup made the wires all of a sudden notice they weren't okay.

You'd think this was a beater car - but it wasn't. We only bought it about three months ago. So we don't know if it happened on the lot or in my garage since I bought it used. I don't have any droppings in the garage, but I don't want to take chances. That kind of damage is not covered under warranty.

I have never heard of this happening in California before. I don't live in the country I live smack dab close to the middle of the city. But the mechanic said they have been having a little rash of this lately. Which I might not believe,. but then I took my other car in for a tuneup and the gal there said they'd also been having a recent outbreak of this. Something about the weather patterns being different this year. The mechanic said some of the wires might be partially made of peanut oil, so I'm giving them peanuts.

The craziest stuff always happens to me. And yes -  am giving them nutella. Half that, and half peanut butter.

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