Thursday, December 10, 2015

People who have never worked in the trades will never understand Trumps popularity.

Obviously, I am not a blue collar worker - but my roots are there. I try make sure to never lose touch with what a man with callouses on his hands thinks. Trump is a blue collar candidate. Pure and simple. Be it democrat or republican. You don't think only Republicans have callouses. Do you?

This story backs up what I've been saying for a little while now.

Iowa tow truck driver shows why Trump backers stand by him after call for Muslim ban.

“He didn't have to work as hard as I did with my callused hands,” said Goacher, 56. “If a man can become a billionaire without having to work that hard for it, he's evidently a pretty smart man, money-wise, and the United States has to be run as a business.” Goacher's world could hardly be further from Trump's, with the private jet, the global network of luxury hotels, the trappings of celebrity. 

Goacher, a lifelong resident of a down-and-out industrial section of this small city on the Mississippi River, once slaughtered hogs at the Oscar Mayer plant. From the driver's seat of his tow truck, Goacher points to signs of decline: “That was a gas station. That was Sears. Over here was the A&P. They're all empty.” 

Alpo and Dog Chow are still made at the Nestle Purina factory near the riverbank, but the Oscar Mayer plant will soon be replaced by one that will employ just 475 of its 1,400 workers. "

If you ask anyone in the construction trade, you will hear them say the following also from the article.

"Goacher mentioned a local company that charges “8, 10 grand” to replace a roof. “OK, there's a boatload of Mexicans come by, and you can get it done for 2 or 3 grand. They're not from here. That's hurting the businessperson that's here.”


  1. Should be a fun horse race to watch. Right now I think Clinton wins if the vote was today. If the market tanks, that could sway a lot of voters to Trump. Trump certainly isn't afraid to put out controversial opinions. Im still betting Dollars for donuts that legalization becomes part of his platform, after he gets the Republican nod. Free college vs free weed. At least it will be entertaining to watch. DF

  2. Yeah. Perhaps.

    What do you have against free weed? JK! It would probably come
    in blocks like government cheese/crappy Mexican weed. And no one
    wants that.

  3. Just like cheese the more it stinks the better it seems to be

  4. Hahaha. I guess I never thought about it that way, but that is just
    about right. That's a funny observation.

    I once bought cheese weed. I almost couldn't make it through.
    It's been my euphemism for horrible weed for about two years.