Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Bay Area says Bernie who?

A few months ago I signed up to attend a Bernie Sanders rally at the SAP center in San Jose, I mean, how bad could it be - I've been to Marin! Same thing really. He likes Lands End clothing - they like Lands End clothing. He likes the idea of taxing you at 90%. They like taxing you at 90% too because - Marin!

Oddly a couple of weeks ago I got a cancellation message which was pretty surprising. You'd think the Bay Area would be all over this crap. And ya know Berkeley is so close.

Strangely none of his people seem to know what is going on. The SAP center is a giant stadium, I can't even tell is the stadium is booked because it seems like it is, but Bernie is not attending. Read above.

I just thought it was interesting. I don't see any Northern California events for him next year. I mean, if he can't gain steam here....

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