Thursday, November 12, 2015

What little eichmanns Microsoft has become.

Tear off that tinfoil hat and chill, Windows 10 isn't watching your every move.

Fuck off Microsoft. I don't understand a company that thinks users do not own the devices they buy. That means I can update it whenever I effing want, OR NOT. It means you don't get to turn my machine into a server. It means you don't get troll my machine to see what I'm installing to see if you approve of it. I flat out think you are going out of business now. It may take a while - but mark my words.

I don't know why Microsoft doesn't just say - we don't want to be in the computer business any more. Everyday I read stories about win10, and it's just really frustrating how much of Silicon Valley right now is powered my force rather than letting people do what they want. You have to "force people into an ecosystem" to get them to stay with your stuff. It's ridiculous.

I don't even know how they still get people in the Valley to work with them. They piss off everyone.


  1. Windows 10 is what made me switch to Linux Mint. I installed a new solid state hard drive and did a clean install of Mint. The machine now boots within a minute and runs much faster. Linux is not that hard to learn and run.

    The only Microsoft product I am forced to use is Excel. Unfortunately, the Linux spreadsheet versions do not translate well with others that are using Excel. I run Excel under CodeWeaver's Crossover program and it works well.

    The Linux Evolution program is very similar to Microsoft Outlook and has good functionality.

    The LibreOffice versions of Word and PowerPoint work very well.

    All in all, I am very happy with not having my information collected by Microsoft on an ongoing basis.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I have to admit - Linux wasn't in the forefront of my mind as far as choices. I might give it a second chance though. I'm a rusty UNIX user, so learning the OS is not the challenge. It's getting your pricey programs to run on it like Lightroom. It's really the only reason I'm probably still not a UNIX user now. Switching over all your programs is how they keep you from moving. Not the OS. That can add up to a few dollars.

  3. Easy enough to see if your programs will run. Install Linux Mint on a USB drive and boot from that. Then see if your programs will run under either Wine, PlayonLinux or Crossover (not free, but has a free trial period). If they work without glitches, then you are home free. The Crossover guys are very responsive if you run into issues. I am running Office 2010 under Crossover with only minor glitches.

  4. Oh! Look at you. That is really helpful. Thanks! I'd forgotten about emulators.

  5. I was really hoping that some of these alternative operating systems would have taken off in the late 90's and early '00s. We are poorer as consumers for it. I guess BeOS made a bit of progress by selling desktops specific for it. And then there was Solaris.

    I mess with Linux but it to still has some shortcomings especially with drivers and usability sometimes.

  6. Yeah. That's what I remember of UNIX as well. It's just a bit clunky. You'd think someone would have stepped into the OS space by now. Even android is almost there. There must be something that is a super pain in the ass about it. Or not profitable.

  7. I believe the separation comes from gaming. Lot more legit games compatible with linux and it will take off. Redhat is used quite a bit. I use ubuntu currently and its not much different for leisure use.