Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Oxbow Hay Company shows us everything that is wrong with America right now.

Oxbow used to sell hay in bags that were much like bread bags. You'd twist up the top of the bag and put a little plastic tie to close the bags up. A few months ago they went to a zip lock method to close bags. Which at first I thought was super clever. Until you use the bag exactly once. Then you realize you can't really close the bag until you get about a quarter of the hay out. It's like stuffing a fat girl into a small sized panty hose.

For some of us that do live not on farms and want to live in nice places - all of a sudden you have an open bag of hay sitting in your coat closet. It's stupid and ridiculous.

You mean, not one person who works at Oxbox has a rabbit or similar pet came to the company and said - ya know, this was a good idea in theory, but in reality it super sucks? ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS USE THE PRODUCT ONCE! I mean,, great. We don't have those stupid plastic bag ties to deal with, you have a completely worse problem to deal with. An open bag of dusty hay. For that Oxbow gets the You suck of the year awards.


  1. Still can't see your pics (with any browser).

  2. Are all the picture links broken? I still haven't restored some of my images from older posts. I keep forgetting. All the posts from Oct till now should show up though.