Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blade supercar.

From Divergent Microfactories. Don't go there is you want to see more about the car though. Go to The Daily They did a really great job talking about the technicals and describes the 3D printed chassis. (with video) This model was a CNG car. 0-60 in 2.6 seconds.


  1. CNG is looking way less attractive with gasoline at par. Even with oil crashing, they have kept it at $2.42 a gallon. Felt a lot better about that price when gas was kissing $5. Call me crazy, but it kind of feels like I'll see gas under a dollar per gallon again in my lifetime. DF

  2. Wow. I was wondering what was happening with that. It seemed to me that CNG had stalled a bit. I just wasn't sure why. It hardly seems worth it to hunt down a CNG station at this point when you can get gas anywhere for the same price. I don't know that I would have placed money on things turning out this way. It's kinda fascinating.

    As for gas.... I'm out on the betting. I doubt that it will get too much lower because the dollar is almost maxed out. But honestly I would never predicted it would have gotten this low. While I love low gas prices - if gas gets sub one buck - this world is going to get really sideways for a while.

    So.... how many miles to the gallon do you get with CNG? I know you are probably getting traffic mileage, but you are the only person I know doing CNG.

  3. We get 11 mpg, but when gas was at $4 that was like getting 20 - 25 mpg. Since we have a gas truck too, we can pick one or the other depending on what prices do. Fuel doesn't ever seem to run more than $500 per month and we drive all the time, so we can afford to see prices double and it wouldn't slow us down.