Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Solar fail.

Last night one of the houses on the back side of the block in front of me caught fire. I could smell smoke inside the house which is unusual, so I went outside to see what people were burning. Which eventually led me up to the deck where I could see that part of the block was lit up like a Christmas tree.

Mr S. and I decided to walk down and see how bad the damage was. When we got there of course there were about 10 neighbors or so watching the firefighters who were cutting a hole in the roof at that time. One of the neighbors who lived right across the street said the house that was on fire just had solar installed. They must not have done something right because the fire department cut through the garage door to reveal the fire shooting out of the fuse box.

I didn't really know that could happen. You'd think the failure would happen right after dark when the lights came on. But this was more like 9:00. Such a bummer though. Especially this time of year. It didn't burn the whole place down but they probably got a lot of smoke and water damage. And that yummy electrically smelling smoke.

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