Thursday, November 19, 2015

Smart fabric is getting amazing.

I've been watching this stuff for a while, but I could never see anyone wearing it until yesterday. It was mostly pretty bulky and I thought the washing cycle would munge that up pretty quickly. You know like when you have a thick graphic on a tshirt. After a few washes the graphic sort of gets stiff while the rest of the shirt doesn't.

Now they have gotten so good that you can print a circuit board on basically what amounts to a rubber glove. Making it so it's barely detectable under fabric.

The color is off in this shot.

You can see how low profile the electronics are in this barely there shirt.

I wasn't able to capture it, but over that guys thumb was a safety vest. Normally the lines are reflective. But the smart material was blinking on and off.

I didn't ask how they get electricity to light things up because sometimes shiny lights make me go completely tardly. Well... not sometimes. Pretty much all of the time. If you don't know that by now....

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