Friday, November 20, 2015

This drone convinced me the matternet will be real.

Welcome to your new buzzword. Matternet. Like the imagenet or any other net - the matternet transports matter via drones. I've been cautiously skeptical about drone delivery because I was completely wrong on them. There is a ton of vapor ware in the Valley. So, early on I sort of thought they were bullshit. But as time has gone on they are really progressing nicely. So well, that I can now really see them transporting items in the very near future.

This drone from DJI made all the difference because the landing skids raise and lower when it lands or takes off to accommodate the camera that hangs well below the skids. See video below. I think the vid could be 4 minutes shorter. Skip to 1:10 in to get to the meat of the video. You can really see how something that was box sized could actually be transported via drones.


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