Thursday, September 03, 2015

Trump is living inside the Republicans heads rent free.

Right now I think the whole Trump thing is pretty effing funny. I never could have predicted how spineless he could make the whole Republican field look. And it has to be messing with their heads because for about seven years the Republican party has been beat to death with a bloody stub about how horrible it is that mean old white dudes are running this country. Their passivity is a reaction to that. Right? I mean, they are like jellyfish!

Trump is the meanest of whitest of old dudes! And frankly - that's funny.

I don't really find his appeal that surprising honestly. Trump has an odd following with guys. If you went to any construction site in the US - those guys would say exactly what Trump is saying. Trump is actually talking the Union label.

Honestly, if Trump spent the whole administration beating up on the press - that would make me pretty happy. And the press reacting to him is going to be a laugh riot. The media should start studying the Trump roasts if they want to get under his skin.

Some of the meanest people have roasted him. Anthony Jeselnik. Lisa Lampanelli. I mean, brutal stuff. He's going to make the Obama press cry! Watch the Trump Roast on youtube if you haven't seen it. I really thought it would be hilarious if Jeselnik was the press secretary. The rest of the world might not find it so funny. Yet, I don't find a lot of things about the world very funny right now. So there's that. You have to sit through like 5 seconds of ads before you can skip through. Sorry.

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  1. A couple of thoughts on Trump. First if he wins are we still going to be able to call Obama President money bags? Here's how I think he steals it. He convinces the GOP to give him the nomination by appealing to the far rihht extremamists. Once he's locked un against Clinton the Republicans will have no where to turn when he xomes out pro legalization in the general election. It will siphon off the dems and independents while the grand old party looks on in horror. DF