Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Sunday update.

Things are starting to me like a blur now. I'm trying to get ready to see our folks while trying to do all the normal life stuff. Since we are taking the girl, we felt like it would be better if we put on a bed cover on the truck so we could stick all of our crap there so Jasmine wouldn't be cramped up in the back seat. Plus it doesn't make us look so much like we are tourists.

Mr S. said that he read an article where two guys got one of these Peragon covers installed in 5 hours. I'm pretty sure it took us like eight. But Mr S. did most of the work assembling.

Even though it was dark when we finally got it done, we came out this morning to find that it's raining soot from the fires. The sky is basically an overcast color. I'm so over summer.

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