Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Robots have ~finally~ solved a problem.

My long time readers will know that I cover this topic off and on. Mostly off for the past few years because there just hasn't been a lot of blogable progress. I've mostly been frustrated about this sector. Years ago I said that robots were a solution in search of a problem. Sadly, most problems robots weren't well suited for. Until now.

Delivery bots. And how.

They are starting to become really clever. Like this one from Clearpath Robotics called Otto.

No. It doesn't hover. It's the first question I asked. It's on wheels. But Autonomous. And the booth they were in wasn't very well suited for good pics which is why I provide a handy produced video from the company at the end.  Or you can go to their site above which has the same video. I wonder what these will start to do to the forklift companies.

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