Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm trying to figure out how much I hate this.

There have been countless conversations in the Snarkolpesy household about Syria. Mr S. is pretty staunchly against doing anything. And I have to admit, he has some pretty good arguments. (not in the literal sense.)

I was in favor of going in four years ago when the problem was small. Even though I "identify" as a conservative - I'm basically a super hawkish Libertarian. I come from pretty sketch beginnings, and feel like sometimes it's really hard to fight against overwhelming force like the Assad Admin. So I have somewhat of a soft spot. Mr S. points out that people in Iraq were pretty ingenious about finding ways to fight with IED's against us. And he's right. If they aren't willing to fight. Why should we be willing?

I've basically accepted the President Money Bags plan because honestly - I thought he'd make things worse. If that was possible at all. If I were a God fearing person - which I'm not - I would want to be sent to hell over being sent to Syria. That place is so many levels past hell, and I've seen some super fucked up shit in my life. Which is honestly why I'm not a God fearing person.

Still, I generally don't think ignoring stuff makes problems go away. Like squeezing a balloon they just pop up elsewhere. Like Europe! Sorry, not sorry Europe.

However, this far in I'm starting to feel like these people are uncivilizeable. Yeah. I said it. Half the country has fled, who who knows how many still exist there. And I don't think Russia can't afford to fight in Syria for too long. I might be wrong.

Let them tire each other out. I mean, maybe Russia would be successful, but history doesn't exactly think so. It's sort of a roll of the dice, but at this point we still have more than a year before an Admin change.

Lets see how this goes.


  1. Those neocons are a problem for conservative values. We shouldn't hsve started ISIS and all that. When you want to go on a ride that will take you there. Seems the easiest place to find unadulterated news.

  2. I have to admit, when I landed on that site I wasn't immediately crazy about the the quazi supremacist imagery. I was like - how am I giving people the impression I'm into that? Luckily they have a wiki and it's just like an unmoderated version of reddit. Then I was totally chill. Newsgroups back in the day were brutal. Brutal! Before we were civilized and all.


  3. You don't give a supremacists vibe. It's just news you can't find easily for the most part. News thst adds up to a soft genocide does get unsettling though. It goes like this, you want European lifestyle, invite eurpean people, you want chinese lifestyle invite chinese people, you want Mexican lifestyle invite Mexicans. I hope people stop being ashamed of being white.

  4. I gotcha. I was just freaked for a second. But I believe in free speech - so I don't always have to like the content. Plus I might be more sensitive to the imagery because here in CA, the Che lovers of the world are constantly trying to soften the message so you aren't quite sure if it's benign or not. Usually not.

  5. Well history and current events are interesting things to follow and they are constantly being lied about, which I'm sure you know. There's a bunch of sites claiming to tell the truth, but on the whole, normally has the best news that is currently applicable and provable. It undeniably makes you feel either sort of depressed or angry because there seems like no possible way to help. If you watch the news in Europe and how horrific immigrants treat whites (especially the gang rapes or forced prostitution of white girls) and you care about your lineage and culture you sort of start to care about why these things are going on and who's causing it... ya know? American politics are obviously fubar. We need someone like Andrew Jackson to cut the starting point of corruption which is debt based currency.