Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sometimes it takes all day just to get back to zero.

Yesterday my garage door freaked out. Here. Figuring that we couldn't someone out until today Mr S. and I started to work on it with a little help from youtube below. The one good thing about youtube still is that you can learn anything there.

I once thought they should make a youtube University, but they'd probably screw it up by constantly changing their algorithms. Youtube used to be pretty good about figuring out stuff you'd be interested in, But now - if you watch a single disgusting boil video - youtube thinks that is all you want to see from now on. All the suggestions they give you are - hey there baby, want to see another boil explode?

But I digress. Apparently when the cable came off the spool it detention-ed the spring. And that meant we had to recoil it. Which I was sort of freaked out about. Those springs can injure you. Each spring has a big tag that is red and says DANGER.

Of course we needed a specialised part that I figured would be stupidly expensive. But for under 10 bucks we had the tools to to either re-tension the spring, or send Mr S. to the hospital. Either way.

It took us about three times to get it right, but the door is now fixed, and I have another skill. I figure I could almost be a garage door installer now. At least an apprentice for sure.

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