Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The world is testing me. It knows I'm trying to go on a vacation, and it wants to make sure I'm the right amount of beat to death to appreciate it. This morning my garage door failed in a weird way. That wire is suppose to be on a tidy spool. For some reason the got all unwound and completely off the spool. The thing is I couldn't close the door because there was no slack in the wire. And the door was too heavy for me to push all the way up by myself.

After realising my day was torched, and doing the calculation on the ability of getting a guy out here before I figure out how to fix it myself - I wound up calling Mr S. home. I figured if I could just get the door all the way up I could get the wire off the spool and unwound. Now all we have to do it get it back together. Wish me luck.

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