Friday, September 25, 2015

Yesterday after the Pope spoke to Congress I decided that I was voting for Trump. Damn the consequences. I just want him to go in there and blow up the whole Republican party. Those do nothing spineless motherfuckers. If I had to see Boner crying one more time it would be too soon.

Then today I wake up - and he's gone. Though I still might want Trump to blow up the party. He may be a Rino, but so far he's not as bad as the socialist Rino's we already have.


  1. I dont think Trump can win if the dems nominate Sanders. The contrast between bernies 99 percenters campaign and Trumps position atop of the 1 percent will be too stark too pull off the victory and then we'll have a socialist as president. I plan too throe away my vote on the libertarians. It wont change anything, but the bigger it gets the more both parties will pander to their views. DF

  2. See, I could be wrong, but I think a lot of Dems bristle at being called a socialist. Otherwise why would they have spent all these years trying to call it something else like "progressive". They've been doing everything they can for as long as I've been alive to try and hide the socialist moniker. That number surely is not as big as it used to be. But I still hold out hope. I personally think Sanders has no bigger following than Ron Paul and look how that turned out. A big fat goose egg. Paul was getting just as many people showing up to his rallies.

    As far as Trump... he is a wild card. He has a funny following. It used to make me super curious years and years ago because I just didn't get it. Before he ran. I think there are a lot of Dems who will actually vote for him even thought they won't admit it. Especially people in the investment arena. I've always been surprised how much people liked him.

    Plus... he hasn't said anything about the weed yet. If he came out pro or even neutral on weed......all bets are off.

  3. Trump is nearly a godsend for the country. He wants to blow up nafta, and with that you'd think tpp too. Also bernie is a commie that got run over by two girls. He will be a joke for trump to play with. Trump could be a deceiver, but you know the politicians definitely are... Trump is likely the last hope for a restoration of America in its current format. The game is almost over, we have to have a unique leader, all other roads lead to the end. No one for a moment would think bernie sounds like a great leader.

  4. Oh, there is a segment of the population who thinks Sanders sounds like a great leader. I've had a couple of friends who lived on communes with their parents when they were growing up. There is definitely a "Lands End" loving club for Sanders. The hippy generation is still alive and well believe me. That is his demo. I still don't think it's any bigger than the Libertarian segment which never seems to gain any footholds.

    I sort of like the Sanders thing right now. It makes it easier to see who the douches really are because in California they've spent a lot of time trying to say - oh, we aren't socialists. My head is constantly filled up with - you are lying to me. I'm sure of it. Now.... no ambiquity.

    As far as Trump. He's sort of that guy you don't want to be on the other side of a flame war with. He says stupid stuff, but he's still making ~you~ look the fool. It was a few speeches ago that I turned to Mr S. and said - I think that guy has ADD. Because I have ADD. Just the way he flips from subject to subject makes me think that is going to be a fun time. And lets face it - the world might need someone who can get really shitty right now. Carson is too nice.

    I was talking to a guy a know about Trump and he said - if we elected Trump, we would go to war with Canada. Which made me laugh. But I'm telling you Canada - we are coming for your poutine. I'm just telling you in advance.