Sunday, June 14, 2015

A car you have never seen before.

This is a Zenos E10s.  More images here. It's the first one imported from the UK. So... you've never seen this unless you live in the UK.  Yes, I've stereotyped everyone in that country because I think they all watch Top Gear. So, they probably have seen this before.

Anyway. It's a kit car. You can pay someone to put it together, or you can put it together yourself. It only took the distributor three days to put this one together. All I know is that kit cars have come a loooong way. When I was growing up, they were the crappiest looking cars. Now there are a few really cool kit cars like this one and the Noble.

This car only weights slightly less than 1600 pounds.

It was fun enough to just run across this car, but while I was taking pictures - this woman walked up to us and started making small talk. Eventually she wound up telling us she had a car on order and started showing us photos of it on her phone. We all parted ways. I went to the ladies room. Mr S. went to check out a racetrack car. When I got back to him he said - that car she was telling up about doesn't exist yet according to the internet. They haven't released it. But she had video and everything!

Now I'm gonna have to make that girl my friend because I'd never seen anything like that car. And even thought I know the name - I can't release it.

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