Monday, June 29, 2015

It's the last thing anyone wants to do.

Spelunking crawl spaces..

It'd been a while since I've been under a house. The spaces under houses kinda freak me out. No doubt fed by countless horror films and zombie movies. I'm much more okay with attics. California doesn't have as many basements - so I think I'm pretty afraid of them because of that. Because of the horror films. Mr S. grew up in a location where everyone had a basement. Basements don't bother him. He is more freaked out about attics.

At any rate, this particular part of the house has some very tight spots that even I can barely get through. You have to climb over flexible duct work without compressing it. I can't imagine how much that would have sucked for someone Mr S.'s size. He did this once and has resisted going back. There is just no room down there.

Once I figured out there were no dead or alive animals down there, I'm  was pretty okay. It's actually amazingly clean under a house. You expect it to be filled with monsters. I mean, spiders. But it's not.

Because I'm such a baby about being under a house I start brainstorming ways to freak out the next owner. It would be super effed up to put one of the Halloween decorations where the guy is crawling out of the earth. Right? You'd have to put it in after they did inspections. Mr S. thought Blair Witch sticks would be messed up. I countered with mini headstones.

Obviously I would never do that because all of a sudden you'd find yourself sued for not disclosing the house was haunted. Obviously it never was in the first place. But you'd still get sued.

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