Thursday, June 18, 2015

We aren't like the others.

Last week I got home from one of my conferences and informed Mr S. that apparently tech girls are snooty.

He sort of looks at me and goes..... what?

Yeah. I was talking to these two girls from another state and they mentioned how aloof all the women here had been. I mean, I go to those conferences and hope none of those women talk to me. I don't want to hear about their girl problems. Maybe all those other girls that go to those conferences feel the same way I do!

Him - Maybe it's like that episode of Silicon Valley where they all feel pressured to be friends so they avoid each other. (yes, we all watch Silicon Valley)

I don't know, but I think tech girls aren't like other girls. I think we all sort of don't like most women in a lot of ways. Most women are sort of boring and dumb. Yeah - I said it.

I thought the whole thing was funny, because here I'd been avoiding women at those conferences, and maybe I wasn't alone and just didn't notice it because I was in full avoidance mode.

*I hated the first five episodes of Silicon Valley. I grew up here, and the whole show just made us look ridiculous. It's an over-exaggeration of what the Valley is, I'd fume. Then a few things happened and I had to admit, this place is ridiculous. And that show is more accurate than I ever want to admit. EVER. Now I love it in a begrudging way.

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