Friday, October 03, 2014

The government better get this squashed before cold and flu season.

I am actually not all that freaked about Ebola. Concerned, but not freaked. Having said that....

I'm getting a little sick of everyone saying it isn't air born, so there is no risk.

The last time I flew (this spring) there was a guy seated next to me who was memorable sick. He was more than sniffling. I mean, he wasn't drippy like a five year old, but he was snorting his snot back up. Using his hand like a tissue the whole entire flight. At the time I hated being seated next to this guy. I can't be the only ones who's had this experience. Right?

If I'm flying today - I feel super uneasy about being seated next to him. And I think I'm pretty good at controlling my fear impulses.

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