Wednesday, October 01, 2014

When the news Ebola had finally landed in the US I told Mr S. - that should make CES interesting this year. It's in three months. It has to be the largest trade shows in America, right? Which made us start searching through Google to see if it was. And it's up there. I'm not sure if it's the largest, but it's got to be in the top 5. There are some other shows that are pretty big like gun shows, but I'm not sure if people fly in from all over the world like CES.

Possibly a few defense shows have that kind of cross traffic from the outside. As it is - almost everyone who attends CES comes back with some kind of cold. It's like clockwork. I managed to escape it one year, but Mr S. got it, and I got the CES ick a couple months after we got back.

The whole time Mr S. and I have been dating, whenever we get one of those horrible colds, we always joked that it's probably Ebola. It was our way to say we felt like death but we are probably fine because there was no possibility on earth you had that.

I guess that isn't funny anymore.

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